Book Review | Two Quality Ladies By Amrita Priya

Hi everyone! So today I’m reviewing an interesting novel which I finished reading quite recently. The book’s name is Two Quality Ladies and it’s written by Amrita Priya. I got it way back in July, but I was just not getting the chance to read it because I had a lot of pending posts to publish, but now I’ve finally read it and I’m ready with its review! Scroll down to know my opinions about it. ☺

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Book Review | Ranga Half-Pants by Suman Kumar

Hello everyone! Yes, you read the title right.. I’m reviewing a book today! I clearly remember that I had promised to do book reviews more often when I published my first ever book review (on which I received a lot of lovely comments from you all! Sadly, they’re gone now!) back in January.  I failed to do that because I got so much busy with my exams and in setting up this website. I’m finally free now and I’m planning to do at least one book review each month!

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Book Review | Ramayana – The Game Of Life: Stolen Hope

Hi everyone. This is my first time reviewing a book. It’s not that I don’t read Books often, I just don’t know how to review them without possibly revealing the whole plot and being a spoilsport! 😛 I will review more books in the future if I receive a positive response on this one. 🙂 Few … Continue Reading