Book Review | Two Quality Ladies By Amrita Priya

Hi everyone! So today I’m reviewing an interesting novel which I finished reading quite recently. The book’s name is Two Quality Ladies and it’s written by Amrita Priya. I got it way back in July, but I was just not getting the chance to read it because I had a lot of pending posts to publish, but now I’ve finally read it and I’m ready with its review! Scroll down to know my opinions about it. ☺



Two Quality Ladies By Amrita Priya

Price – Rs.299/- | Pages – 203 | Author – Amrita Priya | ISBN – 978-8184958355 | Publisher – JAICO Publishing House



Set in the enchanting isles of Lakshadweep, Two Quality Ladies is an unexpected tale of romance between three exceptional people. Offering a generous slice of life, it explores the physical and emotional turmoil of relationships between man and woman, and woman and woman.

Musheer, a successful businessman seems to have it all – riches, success and a beautiful wife, Omera. On the outside, his life is paradise. In reality, he and Omera are gradually drifting apart. Her rejection drives him headlong into the arms of beautiful young Kinja. But Kinja has her own secrets. Who is her mysterious benefactor, who communicates to her only through letters? And what does Omera know about this matter?

As the trio explore the boundaries of their relationship, Two Quality Ladies reminds us that love is limitless and cannot be constrained by established norms.


My Take

Two Quality Ladies is a novel about 3 people, Musheer, Omera and Kinja who somehow manage to get caught in a love triangle. In the novel, Musheer and Omera are a married couple. They’re childless even after years of marriage because Omera isn’t able to conceive a child. Due to this inability of hers, she becomes depressed and starts behaving coldly with Musheer. That’s what makes Musheer drift towards Kinja, an employee in a hotel where he visits frequently. Gradually, Musheer and Kinja get in an illicit relationship. Now, On one side, Musheer feels guilty about cheating on his loving wife Omera, but on the other side, he is too attached to Kinja to leave her.

So what will happen when Omera will find out about Musheer and Kinja’s relationship? How’d she react? You’ve to read the book to know about this. ☺ It’s a one time read, but certainly very interesting. The author could’ve added a few more twists to the story to make it further interesting. Not sure if I would call the story gripping, it has a nice (but kind of predictable) twist at the end. Lastly, I’d like to mention that this book is for teenagers and adults only (IYKWIM ?).


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  1. Wow, Omera and Musheer – and Kinja – are three people trying to beat problems that happened inside themselves, I bet. I loved your review, I bet that Two Quality Women is a great read! Hope you have a great week!


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