Review | Personalized Canvas From Canvas Champ

We all love to keep our memories in the form of pictures, don’t we?! Back in our childhood days, we used to have those reel cameras which we used to take out only on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals etc. Now it’s the era of digital cameras and smart phones. With them, we can take photos anytime we want to.


Most of us don’t even prefer to go through the hassle of getting our favourite pictures printed because we feel that there’s no need of getting the actual prints, since we can look at them in our phones or laptops. Well, the happiness and joy we get by looking at “physical” photos is priceless. I still have my birthday albums from childhood – which me and my family love to look at!

You must be wondering why am I continuously talking about pictures. Actually, a few days back, I was contacted by a brand called “Canvas Champ“. They wanted to know if I’d be interested in receiving a personalized canvas print from their side. I couldn’t deny the offer because it sounded so exciting! I sent them a picture which is the most special to me. If you want to know which picture was it then scroll down below. (That’s a scroll bait! ?)

Size of the canvas – 12×8″ | Price – Rs.576/-

My Take

I was confused about which picture should I get printed on the canvas. After a lot of thinking, I decided to get my blog’s logo printed on it and sent it to them. You guys know how special my blog is to me, so I was really very excited as well as happy to get its name printed on something like this. Once I sent them the picture of my logo, I received an email from them to confirm the alignment of the image on canvas with the borders and all. It was perfectly aligned and ready to be printed. I requested them to add a black border on the canvas at the last minute and they happily agreed to it, which was really sweet of them! I’ll treasure this canvas forever because it’s the first thing which has my blog’s name printed on it.

Review | Personalized Canvas From Canvas Champ
Review | Personalized Canvas From Canvas Champ

I received the canvas through FedEx. It was securely packed in a cardboard box.

Review | Personalized Canvas From Canvas Champ
Review | Personalized Canvas From Canvas Champ

And Taaataadaaaa.. here is the canvas! It looks so pretty in pictures and in real life too!!!!

Review | Personalized Canvas From Canvas Champ
Review | Personalized Canvas From Canvas Champ
Review | Personalized Canvas From Canvas Champ
Review | Personalized Canvas From Canvas Champ

The logo’s print looks exactly like the picture I designed and sent them. It is printed on some kind of special cotton blend canvas fabric, then it is stapled on a wooden frame from all sides. They have already added a hook so I can easily hang it on a wall.

Review | Personalized Canvas From Canvas Champ
Review | Personalized Canvas From Canvas Champ

I’m looking forward to get more prints from them once we have our own house. For now, I’m extremely happy with this canvas of my blog’s logo and I can’t stop looking at it! I have not yet decided about where am I going to keep it. I was planning to hang it on a wall, but then I thought that it might accumulate dirt unless I keep it in an enclosed place. So I asked Jainam from Canvas Champ India about how can I keep it clean. He said that I can keep it dust free by taking proper care of it. I also got to know about the exciting discount offers Canvas Champ is currently having, on the occasion of Diwali. Here they go –

Offer #1 – Free 8×8 canvas prints on Purchase of Rs.1500

Offer #2 – 10% Off on purchase of Rs.500, 20% Off on Purchase between Rs.500-Rs.1500 and 30% Off on purchase above Rs.1500.

What I liked about my Personalized Canvas From Canvas Champ India

  • Their canvas prints are very affordable (as compared to their competitors’ pricings) and they’d make a perfect personalized gift for just any occasion! You can fully customize your canvas.
  • The overall quality of the canvas (including the print and the frame) is very sturdy.
  • Their service is quick and friendly.
  • They ship worldwide.
  • They’re probably the best canvas printing service in India.


  • Rating

Final Words

5/5! To sum it all up, I’d say that I am very much impressed with Canvas Champ’s work (and I’ve written “very” a zillion times in this post! ?). I cannot wait to get more stuff printed from them in future. Will definitely recommend my lovely readers to try out their service once! Especially if you’re an artist or a photographer, then you certainly should get your artwork/click printed by them and put them on display in your house!


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  1. The Canvas print is so lovely, that you decided to have your blog logo to have printed! I liked it very much, it’s a lovely remembrance!

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