15+ Best Christmas Gifts For Men [2019] – Top Gifts For Christmas 2019

Gifting makes the festival of Christmas more joyous and fun! But let’s just admit it, choosing Christmas gifts for men is a totally bamboozling experience.. Especially for women!

We all always get super confused whenever it is the time to buy a gift for that special man in our life – be it our boss, friend, brother, spouse or father. It is so hard to pick unique Christmas gifts for men every year, specifically when we don’t have any idea about their taste in fashion or anything else.

But with this list of 15+ best Christmas gifts for men 2019, I am (hopefully, -fingers crossed-) going to make your gift hunting task for this year a tad bit easier! And don’t worry, There is a gift for all budgets, I have separated the list in two categories – under $$ and $$$. I would also include the links from where you can buy Christmas gifts with discounts or just send Christmas gifts online directly. You can also gift Christmas ornaments as a thoughtful gift.

All of these Christmas gifting ideas for men are very unique. Some are elegant and casual, apt as Christmas gifts for male boss, christmas gifts for male coworkers or your dad, while the others are more chilled out ones that you can probably get as Christmas gifts for BFF or brother. Let’s get started with the list!

Best Christmas Gifts For Men 2019

Best Christmas Gifts For Men [2019]

Starting off the list with under $$ (Christmas gifts under $99 USD) Christmas gifts category!

Christmas Gifts For Men in 2019 Under $$

1. RUGGED & DAPPER Active Regimen Grooming Set for Men


Check Price on Amazon

Men gotta pamper their skin too to have a perfect looking skin! And a good skin starts with the right kind of skincare products, right?

Most men don’t use any beauty products in their daily life because they find it hard to pick the right products for themselves. This all-inclusive skincare kit by Rugged & Dapper will sort out their confusion since it has all the products that they would need to take a proper care of their skin! Here are the 4 products that this exciting kit contains.

  • Facial Moisturizer
  • Daily Facial Scrub and Cleanser,
  • Shaving Cream
  • Body Wash and Shampoo (dual purpose!)

They all come in a nice dopp bag that is easy to carry and travel with!

Along with this kit, you can also give them a Beard oil – well, if they keep a beard they gotta have a nice moisturizing oil for it, especially if they are continuing the no shave November!

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2. Crystal Whiskey Glasses

15+ Best Christmas Gifts For Men [2019] – Top Picks For This Year

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These whiskey glasses make the perfect Christmas gifts for male boss! They are elegant as well as classy. Don’t forget to give them a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, Seagram’s – or whatever their favourite whiskey brand might be, along with this set of glasses.

3. All-new Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Christmas Gifts For Men 2019 Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2018

This year has been all about the super cool voice assistant devices like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa that make our lives a lot easier! Among all the voice assistance devices available out there, Amazon’s Echo Dot remains the top-rated one.

They 3rd Gen Echo Dot available on Amazon. So if you have a gadget freak man in your life, you should definitely consider gifting him this! This Echo Dot device would also make a very thoughtful Christmas gift idea for dad who is not a tech-savvy person since this device would make it easier for him to access services on the web or listen to the music!

4. Funny Workout T-Shirt For A Gymaholic Man

Christmas Gifts For Men 2019, Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

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I mean, what kind of gymaholic man would not wish to have this ultra-cool workout T-shirt as a Christmas gift! It is pretty affordable and the best part is, it is made with premium quality fabric which would never make your man feel uncomfortable while he will be flexing in the gym!

5. Anti-theft Backpack with USB Port

Christmas Gifts For Men 2019, Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

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Backpacks are back in trends! Earlier, they used to be carried by only school or uni students. But now, even office going people have started to carry them. I don’t see a reason why they should not do it, backpacks are just awesome! One can fit-in so many things inside them.

With so many advancements in technology, even the backpacks in the present times have started to come with exciting features. Take this anti-theft backpack as an example which comes with a USB charging port! If your man likes to go on hikes or long trips, he would surely love to have this backpack. The anti-theft features in this backpack make it completely secure so that one can move around freely, without worrying about getting their stuff stolen from their backpack while walking through a crowded area.

6. Elegant Silver/Gold Plated Cufflinks

Christmas Gifts For Men 2019, Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

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Aren’t these cufflinks the best Christmas gifts for male coworkers?

Nowadays men are equally fashion-conscious as women! So while choosing Christmas gifts for men, you should think of something that they can easily incorporate in their daily outfits. Since men don’t wear jewelry, you can get them cufflinks.

Yes, cufflinks – that is something most of the men wear with their formal shirts. Cufflinks convey a formal message and always look very classy.

To make your gift of cufflinks more special as Christmas gifts for men, you can get them engraved with his and your initials! If you are buying them for your dad, you can engrave “best dad” on them.

7. Engraved Bracelet

Christmas Gifts For Men 2019, Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

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Engraved bracelets are also one of the most popular Christmas gifting options for men in the jewelry category.

A Platinum bracelet which is engraved with your marriage date or a love message can be a thoughtful gift for your spouse which he will cherish for life! Many people have even started to get their fingerprints or ECG (heartbeat!) engraved on their spouse’s bracelet!

For your BFF, you might consider getting an engraved bracelet with a sweet friendship message. The one I have mentioned is a set of his and hers bracelets which you can get engraved directly through Amazon.

8. Sports Watch / Smart Watch

best Christmas gifts for men 2019

Check out FitBit Versa 2Check out Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Move away from normal watches as Christmas gifts for men! It is the era of sports watches and smartwatches. If your man is into fitness / gym activities or if he just loves trying out the latest gadgets, then you can gift him a nice sports watch or a smart watch.

Sports watches are also called fitness trackers. They track all the daily fitness activities and some of them can even track heart rate throughout the day! And when it comes to fitness trackers, no brand can beat FitBit! Their trackers are loved by millions of fitness freaks as they come with multiple useful features, like sleep tracking, swimming mode, alexa support, and a ton of other exciting stuff!

If you want to gift a wearable technology device to your gadget freak man, you might like the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. For a sports watch/fitness tracker, as I said, there can never be a better option than a FitBit tracker! The Fitbit Versa 2 is the latest one from the brand which has many additional features than the previous trackers released by the brand.

Christmas Gifts For Men Under $$$

9. Bluetooth Headphones / Bluetooth Speakers

Christmas Gifts For Men 2019, Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

Check out JBL Wireless Headphones on Amazon

Check out JBL Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon

Trust me, these two things are the perfect gifts that a music lover can ever ask for! I would prefer gifting Bluetooth headphones instead of speakers as they are easier to use and you know, one can blast their favourite music after plugging in their headphones as they would not disturb anyone! But if they  already have a pair of headphones, go with speakers.

JBL headphones and speakers are always the top-rated ones! You can definitely consider going with this brand for your Christmas gift.

10. Coffee Maker / Keurig

Christmas Gifts For Men 2019, Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

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I am a hardcore chai (tea) addict so I don’t know much about coffee makers or keurigs. But a lot of men (and women too, not generalizing of course!) love drinking coffee first thing after waking up in the morning to kick start their day and get rid of their morning grumpiness!

Oh and some night owls like me who pull all-nighters very frequently also like to have caffeine running through their veins so that they can stay awake. In short, if you give this kind of coffee maker or a keurig to your coffee-lover man, he will think of you with every cup of coffee he would make with it!

This exciting and funny prescription coffee mug can also be gifted with the keurig!

BigMouth Inc The Prescription Coffee Mug

Christmas Gifts For Men 2019, Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

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11. Kindle (Or a paperback book!)

Christmas Gifts For Men 2019, Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

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We all have that person in our life who is a total bookworm! So what can be a more perfect gift for a bookworm guy than a Kindle? It is an e-reader device that kind of looks like a normal tablet device. One can read tens and thousands of books, newspapers and magazines on this device easily. Avid book readers don’t have to carry their books everywhere with them anymore, this sleek e-reader device is all that they need to take with them when they want to read their books on the go!

Okay wait a minute…

Since not everyone is a fan of this new technology to pursue their most favourite hobby i.e. book reading, you can give them a nice motivating book in a paperback form!

It would be hard for you to choose the perfect book for an avid reader since they might have read most of them.

Christmas Gifts books For Men 2019, Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

My pick would be Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson.

Check out Who Moved My Cheese? on Amazon

If you are still unsure which book to get for your man, you can explore his goodreads wishlist to get to know what all books he is looking forward to read! Amazing hack, isn’t it?

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12. Gaming Laptop / Gaming Console

Christmas Gifts For gamer Man 2019, Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

Check out Acer Predator Laptop on Amazon

Check out Xbox One S on Amazon

These two things might be a bit on the expensive part as Christmas gifts for men, but your gamer guy will love receiving them! Sometimes, we gotta spoil our loved ones with such opulent gifts – because they deserve the world, don’t they!

With 16 GB of RAM, 3.8 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and 7+ hours of battery life, the Acer Predator Helios 300 makes the best gaming laptop that you can give as a gift to your gamer guy. For the gaming console – go with the Xbox One S!

13. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Christmas Gifts For Man 2019, Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

Check Price on Amazon

Do you know the best part about gifting sunglasses to someone? They are fashionable and unlike clothing, you never end up buying the wrong size of sunglasses for anyone!

There are a lot of different sunglasses styles for men like wayfarers, aviators, retro, clubmaster, etc,. Usually, Aviators are the most popular choice as they go with all face shapes and they are quite stylish as well! And when we are talking about sunglasses, we cannot help but mention the Ray-Ban sunglasses right?! These Ray-Ban 0rb3025 Polarized Aviator Sunglasses are a classic piece that any man out there would love to own and wear.

There are a lot of other popular sunglasses brands like Oakley, DKNY, Versace, etc, that you can go for if you have a better budget.

14. Air Fryer Oven With 7 in 1 Cooking Features

Christmas Gifts For Men 2019, Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

Check Price on Amazon

The perfect Christmas gift for men who are health-conscious and love cooking!

This air fryer comes with 7 in 1 cooking features with which, your man can make mouth-watering snacks that would be super healthy since they would be made with almost 0 oil! Such thoughtful products make the best Christmas gifts for man who has everything.

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15. Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

Christmas Gifts For Men 2019, Latest Unique Christmas Gifts For Him 2019

Check Price on Amazon

How can we miss out on adding a BBQ grill in our list!

A portable propane grill for BBQs like this one would encourage your man to host more BBQ parties at home for you! We still don’t know the mystery behind the love of men for BBQs, but getting a chance to devour on yummy BBQ made by your man is always a yay, isn’t it! Jokes apart, if your man likes barbecue-ing, this grill as a gift would make him happy for sure. This one is from a brand called Coleman Roadtrip, they have it available in different sizes as well, but most of them are in portable form.

Bonus: Christmas Gifts For Men You Can Get Delivered By 25th December

Want to buy a last-minute Christmas gift and get it delivered to the man in your life by the 25th of December? Amazon has got you covered! If you are an Amazon prime member, you can buy these exciting Christmas gifts for men in 2019 and get them delivered to your loved one right on time! Your man would surely adore these arrives before Christmas deals.

1. COWIN SE7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Best Christmas Gifts For Men [2019] - wireless charging product for iPhone

Check Price on Amazon

Ever seen such luxe-looking headphones before? Because I certainly haven’t! These headphones from COWIN come with noise-cancelling technology so that one can enjoy listening to their music or audiobook without any disturbance from the outside world! The controls on the sides of the headphones let one easily +/- the volume or answer calls! The headphones are available in 6 colours – black, purple, white, gold, dark green and wine. My preference would be the gold colour as it is the most luxe-looking one!

2. Mophie Wireless Charging Pad (for iPhones)

Best Christmas Gifts For Men [2019] - wireless charging product for iPhone

Check Price on Amazon

The coolest gadget ever for a techy man! This innovative wireless charging pad from mophie makes charging Apple iPhones way easier and convenient. If your man loves trying out the latest technology available out there, he would love receiving this cool charging pad as his Christmas gift!

3. ECOVACS DEEBOT 500 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Best Christmas Gifts For Men [2019] - robotic vacuum cleaner for gift

Check Price on Amazon

Everybody loves coming back to a clean home after a tiring day full of hustles and bustles, but we don’t have a genie who would always clean our home for us before we return to our home, do we?
Well, now we do have a technology that we can refer to as a modern-day genie! A robotic vacuum cleaner – of course!

The DEEBOT robotic vacuum cleaner from ECOVACS can easily clean all the corners of a home, even the doorstills and carpets. It has three cleaning modes and you can schedule the cleaning from anywhere through their app.

4. Amazon Gift Card in a Pop-up Box

Best Christmas Gifts For Men [2019] - Amazon gift card pop-up box

Check Price on Amazon

Can’t figure out what kind of useful Christmas gift you can give to your man that he actually needs right now? You can simply get them an Amazon gift card that will come packed in a cute pop-up box, which I think is a holiday special thing by Amazon!

Honestly, it is one of the best christmas gifts ideas for husband who has everything – not just husband, boyfriend or your brother too. This way, they can buy a gift of their own choice off of Amazon! Plus, this new section of holiday gift cards on Amazon are just so adorable and festive.

I hope this list of 15+ Christmas gifts for men 2019 would sort out your confusion about what to pick for your man! Share this post with your friends so that they too can get some Christmas gifting ideas for him! If you would like a separate post specifically for unusual Christmas gifts for him, let me know in the comments below and I would be happy to share them!

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