Top 5 Fashion Trends For Summer 2017

Winter season is almost over in India and now the weather is slowly transitioning towards summers. It’s not exactly my favourite season of the year, the only reason I love it is because I get to wear nice and colourful outfits all throughout the months of summer. Unlike winters, where I have to wrap myself up in boring jackets and sweaters so that I don’t end up freezing to death! ? During summers, I mostly prefer to wear clothes that are comfortable, light and fashionable at the same time. I have been exploring the summer 2017 fashion trends from a while now and I thought of sharing them with you all.

Want to know about the trends that will be “in” during this spring/summer season? Then scroll down below!



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Coloring Trends For Spring’17

One of the perks of style-blogging has been that, you start falling in love all the colors around you!

As a kid my favorite color used to be pink and the number of pinks I had in my wardrobe always annoyed my male cousins! Need a new umbrella? Pink. New frock? Pink! Shoes for birthday? Pink!



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A Curvy Girl’s Prom Dress Guide

“Law & Order: SVU” star Ice-T and his volumptuous wife Coco Austin recently celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. The couple were lucky enough to have a photo taken right at the moment they met (it was at an event/party). While “Ice” says he was first taken “with her teeth” (perhaps they were particularly white and straight?), he noticed (most obviously) her other assets, of which she is best known: her bosom and her posterior. Coco, mother of a year-old-baby (Chanel), who is the star of her Instagram account (and it’s nearly three-million followers), is pretty much universally considered as stunning, drop-dead gorgeous and the definition of a blonde bombshell.

Coco knows her best features and often proudly displays them. She is an inspiration to curvy gals the world over. Embrace your curves, she seems to declare. And there’s no better place to show your best self off, than at your high school prom.


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Cool And Chic Statement Bags

Statement bags became really popular in 2016. They are now a staple in every woman’s handbags collection. I don’t own any of them since I rarely carry handbags, but I find them very cool! Scroll down below to check out some cool and chic statement bags. ?



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Quirky Sweatshirts & Hoodies For This Winter Season!

Are you girls enjoying the winter season?! I definitely am, since it’s my favourite season of the year. I can be on my bed – under my comfy quilt all day long without being judged! ? Currently, I am surfing for some cute and quirky sweatshirts/hoodies for myself so that I can ditch my old, boring ones. Would you girls like to see which ones I have picked so far?! Then scroll down below!


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Indian Handcrafted Sarees For Women That Are Still In Vogue

India is known for many exquisite productions which include theatre group, cinema, Ayurveda, yoga, cuisines, travelling, and designer ethnic dresses. But the most trending thing that make every woman of India enthral into the sophisticated elegance of Indian handcrafted sarees. These sarees showcase the heart of textile art of India in its every spirit. Be it any silk, tant or online Banarasi sarees, the classy echelon of women group who understand raw artistry find these designs alluring and perfect for street fashion as well.


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