The Ultimate List Of Affordable Contouring Products In India (+Contouring Tools!)

The Ultimate List Of Affordable Contouring Products In India

From top Makeup Artists to Beauty Gurus, in the last 3-4 years, everyone has been going crazy about contouring! Many girls (including me!) spend hours and hours watching videos on YouTube to learn the latest tricks to contour face. But the question is, who started the contour-revolution? According to an article on Wikipedia, contouring has been there since 1500-1600, but I believe that it only got popular when the legendary(?) Kim Kardashian tweeted a picture of her “during & after” contour face.

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The Ultimate List Of Affordable Makeup Products For College Going Girls

Makeup is something that every girl loves to wear, irrespective of her age. I started using makeup at a very young age (about 12 or 13, yes I’m serious!). Back then, I had no source of income so I was always on hunt for budget friendly makeup products, since I had to buy them with my months of savings (I used to take money from my dad and save it so that I could shop later! ?). I still prefer to buy affordable makeup products because some of them work really great and save me a lot of money!


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