A Curvy Girl’s Prom Dress Guide

“Law & Order: SVU” star Ice-T and his volumptuous wife Coco Austin recently celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. The couple were lucky enough to have a photo taken right at the moment they met (it was at an event/party). While “Ice” says he was first taken “with her teeth” (perhaps they were particularly white and straight?), he noticed (most obviously) her other assets, of which she is best known: her bosom and her posterior. Coco, mother of a year-old-baby (Chanel), who is the star of her Instagram account (and it’s nearly three-million followers), is pretty much universally considered as stunning, drop-dead gorgeous and the definition of a blonde bombshell.

Coco knows her best features and often proudly displays them. She is an inspiration to curvy gals the world over. Embrace your curves, she seems to declare. And there’s no better place to show your best self off, than at your high school prom.


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