A Silver Bracelet Is A Stylish Staple

It may surprise you that of all the pieces of jewellery you own (or hope to own or hope to buy), the sexiest piece is the bracelet. While undoubtedly anything that draws the eye to the neck rates as alluring, the wrist is an unexpected sensual part of the body. In fact, in the acclaimed A.S. Byatt novella Angels and Insects naturalist William Adason, unhappily married to the perennially pregnant Eugenia, secretly thinks of spinster Matty Cromwell’s “busy wrists,” and it is his later confession of this to her that is an admission of love.





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A Silver Bracelet Is A Stylish Staple
A Silver Bracelet Is A Stylish Staple

While it may seem like the most hipsters of celebrities have discovered the numerous benefits of silver, it’s been a jewellery metal for centuries. Silver jewellery has a definite place in history and is found in nearly every museum around the world. Fine craftsmen have been working the silver to make memorable and meaningful pieces of jewellery. Not only has silver jewellery been historically important, it has been important in cultures throughout the world. Even though it was first discovered in what is now Turkey, then Greece, then North America and South America, and today, most prominently in Mexico and Peru – trade happened fast and furiously and cultures internationally coveted silver.

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Bracelets, which have the distinction of not only displaying the fine craftsmanship of the jewellery designer, have played a critical role in cultural history. A Bulgarian plea for spring to come early includes red-and-white string bracelets. Greeks wear the same bracelet at the start of spring and wear it until the end of summer. An Indian woman’s marital status is revealed by how many bangle bracelets she dons. Bracelets provide protection against the “Mal de Ojo” or “evil eye” and Latin Americans wear Azabache Bracelets to ward off those bad spirits.

Bracelets were discovered in Egyptian archaeological digs, and can be traced to 5,000 B.C. One bracelet was found recently to date as far back as 7,500 B.C.! One of the greatest digs ever happened in the Altai Mountains of Siberia – in 2008, Russian archaeologists unearthed bones from a woman and also found a bracelet. When the bracelet was carbon dated, it registered as 40,000 B.P. (B.P. = before present). The Old French have a word, “bracel,” and the Greeks co-opted it and called it “brachile” (“of the arm”).

Silver, while most excellent as a jewellery metal, is used for many other things, including industry, the health-care field, decorative arts and, of course, in photography. Silver flatware is still considered the (pun intended) “gold standard” for housewares. Silver coins are still used as currency. It may surprise you that silver is the best conductor of electricity and heat, too.

A Silver Bracelet Is A Stylish Staple
A Silver Bracelet Is A Stylish Staple

Bracelets have long adorned wrists, of both men and women, for centuries. A blog, The Quill offers up an informative post written by Mary Curtis, titled “The History of Bracelets Around the World.” Curtis demonstrates how this ancient accessory has played a critical role in fashion and cultural history. She also notes that Ancient Egyptians – through archaeological evidence – as far back as 5,000 B.C. wore adornaments on their wrists. Only 22 years ago, though, an obsidian bracelet was found in Turkey, dating from 7,500 B.C.! That means the bracelet, which was beautifully made (and therefore, likely not the first) is 9,500 years old!

With the points discussed above, it’s safe to say that bracelets have been a style staple since the early years. Visit a reputable jeweller near you to purchase a special piece.

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