XENDER – A Popular File Transferring App Hits 170MN Users! Launches New Logo For Diwali!

As a popular file transfer and sharing application, XENDER has announced that it has reached 50% market share in India in the crowded file transfer market. XENDER has clocked in 170 million Indian users over the last three years alone with an annual growth rate of over 100%. XENDER has long maintained a leading position in mobile sharing tool market, well known for its fast transfer, convenient using and zero cost. New slogan, new concept, new logo, Let’s XENDER it!



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Lenovo Tab S8 Review – your search for a budget friendly tablet ends here!

Hello readers. Today I am going to review my latest gadget – Lenovo Tab S8 which I have been using from a month or so. We had ordered it in January but received a faulty piece at first which stopped working after less than 24 hours of use. This tablet is exclusively available on Flipkart so they exchange it for us but after almost 2 weeks. They sent a new piece and I haven’t faced any problem with this one. Let’s get to the review now ~

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Windows 10 unveiled!

Hello guys. I’m back on my blog again and I’m blogging through my new phone – Karbonn Sparkle V, I’ll write a review of it soon. Today I’m going to write about an unexpected launch of Microsoft Windows 10 which will be released in late 2015. Yes, you read it right, Microsoft is going to skip the Windows 9 and launch Windows 10 directly.

Microsoft’s officials revealed this news in a press conference held in San Francisco. The first look of Windows 10 seems quite good to me, the start menu is getting a good comeback in it. Also, there will be a task manager which appears if you swipe a tab to left and it will show you the active programs. The best thing about Windows 10 is that it will work on all the devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC’s etc and will have similar looks, all of them will use the same App store, Therefore it’s one more  reason to love the new release.

Another good feature of Windows 10 will be Continuum. Suppose you install Windows 10 on a touchscreen tablet/netbook and use keyboard or mouse with it, then continum feature will automatically detect them and make your tablet work like a desktop, And simply when you disconnect your devices it will let you use the touchscreen.

So this is all I got to write about this topic I hope you guys liked it even tho I couldn’t give detailed information,  but I’ll try my best to write good and informative articles after this.

 By the way, have you guys heard about this new tool for testing your internet connection’s speed? It is called Charter speed test and it shows you a lot of other information about your internet connectivity like your upload speed, IP address and much more – all at one roof!

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