Android Lollipop where are you?

Official Android Lollipop wallpaper 
As we all know, the release of Android Lollipop has been trending on internet from last 2-3 weeks. Everyone is curious to know when are They going to receive the update. Well Google has been testing mine (or our) patience from 15days because Lollipop was supposed to release on 1st November for the android one devices but there is No news of it till now. I have noticed that people are able to update on some nexus devices like Nexus 5 and 4, but They are facing certain problems like Wi-Fi connectivity, app crashes, random error messages etc. Moderaters on Google android forums have recommended to delete recovery caches for those who are experiencing problems with initial release of Lollipop. I would say everyone should wait for OTA(on the air) update instead of being impatient and sideloading (downloading and flashing Lollipop manually) the new update because it may permanently damage your phone.  Don’t try sideloading unless you are an expert in these stuffs. I can surely say that Google will roll out Lollipop for all the android devices (only those who are going to get it) by next year. It’s better to Wait than damaging your phone! Keep checking OTA update by going to Settings -> About phone -> Software update. If you’re able to get the update option then Congrats! If you’re not, then just Wait for few more days! Google is already testing Lollipop on various devices like Xiaomi Redmi series and some of Samsung and HTC smartphones. Till then, enjoy the sweet KitKat!
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