Review | Elois Hair Removal Cream

Hello ladies! ♥ Today I’ll be talking about a nightmare dreaded by every woman, and that is – Hair removal! We women go through a lot of pain and struggle to get the perfectly smooth and flawless (i.e hairless) skin. Some of us are brave enough to opt for waxing or shaving (Ouchieee!) but I am certainly not one of them. 😛 I prefer using my epilator or depilatory creams (AKA Hair removal creams) to get rid of unwanted hair. Recently, I was sent Elois hair removal creams from a brand called “Prem Henna”. You’d instantly recognize this brand for their “Prem Dulhan” Henna cones. 😀 I was sent all three variants of their hair removal creams. Read on to know how they performed for me!

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