14 Makeup Rules To Swear By!

Makeup is an art – you are free to experiment and have fun with it! But there are a few points that you should take into consideration while doing your makeup to achieve a flawless application. Today we will talk about some “makeup rules” that you can follow for that perfect makeup look!



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The Ultimate List Of Affordable Highlighters Available In India

In 2016, these two lines “highlighter on point” and “dat glow tho” have been the most favourite compliments of all the makeupholics out there. Am I right or am I right?! Yeah, Of course I’m right. This year was all about highlighters and strobing creams. Everyone ditched the flat-matte makeup looks and decided to get their glow game strong with highlighters. The makeup brands didn’t disappoint us either. Each and every single one of them launched stunning highlighters, one after another, and gave us a lot of options to choose from!



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All About Makeup Brushes

For a makeup beginner, it can be difficult to understand and get the right makeup brushes suited for you.

Makeup gurus also need to master their way around these brushes. It is also good practice if a person knows exactly how to use these many different brushes. This enables a person to get the right look for whatever occasion they are attending.



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Review & Swatches | New Revlon Matte Lipstick Fabulous Fig

New Revlon Matte Lipstick Fabulous Fig

Revlon is a well known drugstore brand across the globe. They recently launched a collection of 7 matte lipsticks. I got my hands on one of the shades from this new collection and it’s called “Fabulous Fig“. I have been using it from past few days and today I will be reviewing it for my lovely readers. Scroll down below to check out its review, swatches and my FOTD! ❤


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Review & Swatches | PAC Auto Lip Liner Watermelon

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Gorgeously Flawed. Today I will be reviewing a lip product from a brand called PAC. It is an emerging brand from India. PAC is an abbreviation of “Professional Artist Cosmetics“. Most of their products are targeted for professional makeup artists. The product I’m reviewing today is a lip liner from their auto lip liner range and the shade I have is “Watermelon“. Scroll down to know about it in detail!



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How To Do Winged Eyeliner With Pencil

Eyeliner is one of the basics of the art of makeup that defines the shape of your eyes and embellishes them. If you are in a hurry, perfect looking eyeliner can be tricky or really difficult to apply. It’s something to be done in the ultimate peace of mind and with total relaxation. A little misbalance and uneven hand movement can mess up all. If you are in haste, and it’s a daily routine of yours, then the best is practicing how to apply eyeliner with a liner pencil. It’s easiest and fastest to apply and for correcting the mistakes as well.

Even a little swipe with the tip of your fingers would give a mild smudge that adds to the beauty of your eyes. A pencil eye liner gives a natural and delicate look to your eyes, and a wing to your liner is something that saves your time for applying detailed eye shadows. Thus giving a best day or night, all dressed up and flirty looks too, within just a few minutes!



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