My yatra towards happiness

It was a cold, rainy night. I was standing near the window, watching the rain drops falling from the sky, I always hated rains though.

Everything around me felt out of control. It felt like I was falling in a pit of darkness. The feeling was actually indescribable..

“Just a bad day I guess. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better” I said to myself.

But man, I was so wrong.. because the next day was even worse. Everything kept getting out of my hand. I just wanted to run away from this situation, somewhere far away. I wanted a break from this world, or as they call it – some “me time“. I wanted to do something that would make me happy.



I started making a list of things I love

• Shopping? – Nope.
• Food? – Nah.
• Some pampering in a spa? – No!

Then what?!

I looked around for a while. My eyes landed on the photo of myself and him..

The photo was from our last trip together. He knew that I loved beaches so whenever he decided to take me on surprise vacations, he always made sure that the destination would be somewhere near the beaches..

He was the complete opposite of me. He liked snow instead of beaches. He was an independent person but I, I was totally dependent on him. I just couldn’t do anything without him.

We were different from each other, but still, we completed each other like pieces of a puzzle.

Our separation was hard to bear for me. I cried for so many nights. It was now impossible for us to get back together, since he had found his love in someone else.

“I should also move on” I told myself for the 100th time.

I took out the photo from of its frame and shredded it into pieces.

“You are so immature, you will never be able to do anything on your own”

That was the last thing he said before leaving me. Immature? Yeah, I was immature and I knew that I needed to change myself, not to prove him wrong, but for my own good.

Now I knew what would make me happy and help me to forget about him – My first solo trip!

I took out my phone, opened the Google Maps app and started to look for my destination. Then I remembered about the place where I always wanted to go.

Malta – a small island country in Europe!

I called up the airlines to check for the next available flight to Malta from Delhi.

“All of our agents are currently busy. Please hold and we will answer your call as soon as possible.”

UHF man! Not this time.

Frustrated, I opened the Google app and searched for other means to find out about the available flights and book my tickets. That’s when I got to know about this awesome invention called “Yatra“.

I visited Yatra’s website and checked the  International Flights tab. Voila, I was able to book my tickets on Yatra instantly, with just a few taps! Now since the ticket part was done, I quickly packed my bags and called up my parents to tell them about my solo trip. They were happy and worried at the same time. I assured them that everything will be fine and that I will stay in touch with them.

That night, I slept peacefully after months. I was super-duper excited for my solo trip! The flight was due next morning.

I left for the airport early in the morning. The drizzle was still there, but surprisingly, it didn’t bother me anymore!

I boarded the flight and started the journey towards my beautiful destination. The flight was 35 hours long, but well, it was worth the wait!
I roamed in and around Malta for 15 days. I visited numerous beaches and historical sites, It was a magical experience!

I was a changed person when I returned, way more confident and independent. Who knew that a solo trip could bring so many new changes in me? I was changed for good! Now I can’t stop embracing the “new me”!

I wish to go on an another solo trip soon. ☺

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  1. I loved this post, and you are so right – shopping and a spa don’t fill us up, but things that make us learn. Malta is on my list for ages, I believe it is amazing! I love travelling alone, by the way – we do what we want, at the time we want. I once was invited to a friend’s house – I thought 4 days would be OK, but she insisted for me to stay more. On the 3rd day I could have left, but still had a week in front of me. She barely allowed me to sleep and I felt so awful! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. It’s so well written, and scratched some healed wounds as well. And some how reminded me the movie Queen. Loved reading this.

    Sam || Beautydetour


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