Footwear Trends For This Winter – Trending Women’s Leather Cowgirl Boots & Booties To Check Out

Autumn is over, we’re already thinking about the wardrobe for the cold season, and we’re starting to take out the boxes of boots and booties that keeps us warm in the winter. If last year we did not have a lot of fashionable shoes, designers now come with bold proposals as well as casual shoe variants, good for women who do not want to go unnoticed, regardless of temperature. Here are the shoes in vogue this winter:

Footwear Trends For This Winter – Trending Women’s Exotic Leather Cowgirl Boots & Booties To Check Out

Footwear Trends For This Winter
Footwear Trends For This Winter

Short boots

Botines are the stars of this season and wear in all shapes and colors, with rounded or pointed bottoms, with flat soles, with boots or with a small and sharp heel. Regardless of the model you prefer, you can not fail with such a pair of leather boots. As you can see, there is a varied range of perfect winter shoes to choose from, and the prices are for everybodies pockets. The only detail that stands out for trendy boots this year is that they are a bit shorter, just up the leg just to the ankle. This makes them ideal to wear with skinny jeans or escaped trousers, but you can combine them smoothly with thick dresses and straps.

“Cowboy” boots

Cowboy boots can be quite challenging to wear. The wrong choice can make you look as though you are wearing a costume. However, they have the advantage of being comfortable and warm, especially if they are flown, and, as long as you know how to match them, you will get a modern and envied look. The advice of fashion experts is to choose cowboy boots in neutral tones, such as white or black, and avoid brown or beige that can make you look like a cowboy. There are a lot of designs to choose from like the Tecovas cowgirl boots which you can combine with boho dresses and tights or wear them under a pair of straight jeans for a memorable look.

Footwear Trends For This Winter

Animal Prints

Leopard prints are back in fashion, even when it comes to shoes. The challenge is to find the perfect balance and to make sure that you pair it with what you normally wear. If you choose to invest in a pair of boots or animal print shoes, you will not fail if you wear them with neutral or “all-black” dresses. The boots will contrast sharply with your outfit and thus become the centerpiece.

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Colorful shoes

Boots, boots and hard-booted boots like red, blue, yellow or green – this is one of the easiest to wear trends. In winter, we often see a large dark pallet in the street, the black being the most popular. As we tend to choose darker colors in the cold season, colored shoes make an interesting contrast and can get you out of anonymity. For example, a pair of blue boots are comfortable to wear with oversized jumpers in neutral colors or an all-black outfit, but they will look as well in combination with some light-colored jeans and a medium length coat. Click here.

Boots with laces

Women who appreciate comfort above all will want to invest this year in a pair of lace boots, whose design is reminiscent of winter boots. You can choose either a simple design pair to suit both office and casual outfits, or you can opt for varnished boots with a holster for an outfit that emits strength, attitude, and confidence.

Five Trends of this Winter

Footwear Trends For This Winter
Footwear Trends For This Winter

Here are some suggestions for your wardrobe and your outfit this winter. With the change of time, the moment comes when we update our wardrobe, completing the missing pieces. Clothes are, however, more than simple protection against cold. Get inspired by these popular trends and do not get new clothes at random. Here are some suggestions for your wardrobe and your outfit this winter:

1. Wear cardigans

One of the cold season star clothes is a cardigan. During this period, a large variety of models are in fashion. On the podium, the fashion houses presented us cardigans of all kinds: from thin to thick and from classical to unusual. This season, you can opt for many types of cardigans: zip, button or open, long or short and casual or stylish cardigans. Of course, fashion designers have also proposed more eccentric variants of cardigans: oversized, with fur or prints.

2. Layers

This practical method of dressing has convinced many fashion designers of its usefulness. Layering (or wearing coats in segments) is very much in vogue today. Balenciaga, Givenchy, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Lemaire, and many others used this method in the autumn-winter collections 2018, according to Vogue. Therefore, when choosing new clothes, think and how to wear them: with other outfits on top or below. To make stacking aesthetically, consider the colors, thickness, and length of the garments, which should blend in a harmonious way.

Footwear Trends For This Winter
Footwear Trends For This Winter

3. Opt for padded jackets

Padded jackets are trending this season. On the podium, they were assorted in the most unexpected ways. Typically associated with casual sports, quilted jackets have been worn together with long dresses or black leather dresses and long varnished boots or velvet boots. At the same time, this season you can choose both thinly padded jackets and some bulky jackets. If you also want a more special detail, this season’s vogue, opt for a two-poled zipper jacket. You can wear it lightly open both up and down like this model from Alexander McQueen of Vogue.

Check this out:

4. Wear artificial fur

Fur clothes are warm and comfortable, and fake hair becomes more and more realistic. From heavy clothing to mini cardigans, synthetic fur has been found on many clothing items. Moreover, this season the hair is not limited to clothes: you can also find fake fur bags.


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