What is Lip Augmentation? Its Side Effects & Risks | Is It The Right Choice?

LIP AUGMENTATION: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Lips play a significant role in our appearance. Everyone wants fuller, pigmented, and well-shaped lips. Now, with lip augmentation, you can have beautiful lips. During this procedure, you do not feel any pain or discomfort.

So, people who want to enhance the beauty of their lips can opt for lip augmentation. But first, you must understand what lip augmentation is, what risks it carries and if you should go for it..

What is Lip Augmentation?

What Is Lip Augmentation
What Is Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a type of cosmetic procedure that gives you plumper and fuller lips. For lip augmentation, dermal filler is injected. Different types of dermal fillers are available in the market, which are injected around your mouth and in your lips.

Primarily, Hyaluronic acid is used as filler. This acid can be found in our bodies, which increases the volume of our lips. Collagen is also used as filler, but its usage has decreased because the former is safer and lasts longer. One can also use implants and fat injections for a fuller lip, but these methods include high risk.

What are the effects of Lip Augmentation?

What Is Lip Augmentation
What Is Lip Augmentation

When you use fillers, the overall appearance of your lips is enhanced. The effect will last for six months. After that, more injections are required. Different types of fillers can be used for lip augmentation, and all of them will give you the same result. The effects of lip augmentation are:

1. Shaped lips

If you feel your lips are not well-shaped, you can use this method. Some people have thin upper lips and thick lower lips. This can be rectified using lip augmentation.

2. Structured lips

After lip augmentation, your lips will look perfectly structured. Thus, not having a perfect set of lips is no longer a worry.

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3. Fuller lips

Lip augmentation will give you fuller lips. Full, plumped lips look way more attractive and catch more eyes.

4. Pigmented lips

As we grow old, the color of our lips changes. It becomes dark brown, if not grey. Lip augmentation will give you the rosy pink lips that you once had.

5. Healthy lips

Because of different reasons, our lips become dry and chapped. No matter how much we try, we fail to get back its healthy shape. Lip augmentation will help you to get your healthy lips back.

The treatment will also remove bumps and marks on your lips. Because of all these reasons, people opt for this treatment and get their dream lips. Ethos Spa Skin and Laser Center in NJ is the one of the best places for lip augmentation. They have experienced doctors and top-quality equipment.

Does Lip Augmentation have any side-effects and risks?

The side effects of this treatment include some major and minor risks. Both are mentioned below:

1. Bleeding

After the filler is injected, you may see that the injected area is bleeding. But there is nothing to worry. This minor bleeding will not cause any serious damage and will heal after two days.

2. Swelling

When something is injected into any part of our body, that area swells a little. This is also true for lip augmentation. Your lips may swell a bit after the injection. This, too, will heal naturally.

3. Bruising

You may see a bruising mark on or near the injected area. This is completely natural and will heal soon.

4. Redness

You may see redness around the injected area. When something is injected into our body, our skin reacts. Redness is the natural reflection of this reaction.

5. Tenderness

The area of injection may become tender and numb for some hours. This is also natural and one of the side-effects. Give it some time and you will feel normal.

6. Blisters

You may find some cold sores and blisters around your lips. This is another side-effect of lip augmentation.

These were some minor side-effects of lip augmentation. But in rare cases, some serious side effects have been witnessed, which are:

7. Severe pain

Severe pain for one or two weeks can occur after lip augmentation. This type of pain and swelling happens in rare cases.

8. Lips asymmetry

Lip augmentation is done to structure your lips, but in some cases, it backfires. You may see asymmetrical lips after the treatment.

9. Lumps

If the filler causes an allergic reaction in your body, you may see lumps around your mouth. You must see a doctor immediately in such cases.

10. Infection

When something is being injected into your body, the chances of infections are always there.

11. Stiffness 

After lip augmentation, your lips can become stiffer and more damaged. It completely depends on the quality of the product used and the doctor.

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So, whenever you decide to opt for lip augmentation, you must keep all these facts in mind and then take your call.

Should you go for Lip Augmentation?

This question is hard to answer. First, you must understand all the pros and cons of this treatment. You should think deeply before making this decision. If you want to please others or get a picture-perfect image, you must think twice. So, consult with your doctor first, and then make your decision.


For the best lip augmentation, you can find many specialists. Be careful while selecting your doctor. They can make all the difference. So, get the best doctor and get your lip augmentation done safely.


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