Choose The Wedding Gowns That Make Heads Turn!

Tired of searching for that perfect gown for your wedding? With a huge variety of wedding gowns available out there, finding the best one is surely a difficult task. Now, before you go out shopping for your wedding gown, it is important to know about all the various styles and silhouettes that it comes in.

Taking a look at the huge variety of different styles available in the market, you might end up feeling a bit overwhelmed. However, you don’t need to worry, as we have compiled a handy guide that will allow you to decide which style you should go for according to your body shape.

Here are the 8 different types of wedding gowns available in the market:

Ball gown:

A ball gown is known as a typical ‘fairy tale’ dress due to its timelessness. It is fitted at the bodice and has multiple ruffles at the waist with a full skirt. This gown looks beautiful on all body types, especially on women who have a pear body shape. It makes your waist look tiny and enhances your curves. However, it won’t be suitable for a petite women, as it will emphasize their small body frame. If you are opting for a glamorous and elegant look, this gown will be the perfect choice!

Choose The Wedding Gowns That Make Heads Turn!
Choose The Wedding Gowns That Make Heads Turn!

Mermaid Style:

These dresses are fitted from the chest to the knees and then flare out to give you an ethereal look. Women that have a slender figure or an hourglass body shape can show-off their curves in this beautiful dress.  However, it won’t be suitable for women that have a bigger frame or are plus size, as it will emphasize their broad shoulders.

Choose The Wedding Gowns That Make Heads Turn!
Choose The Wedding Gowns That Make Heads Turn!

Trumpet Style:

This elegant dress will greatly accentuate your figure and will bring out your features. It is fitted from the chest to the thighs and flares out beautifully. This dress will be an ideal choice for petite women with slender bodies, making them look a bit curvy and accentuating their best features. However, it won’t look good on women with an apple or pear body shape, as it will place all the emphasis on their waist and hip area.

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Modified A-line Style:

If you want to feel like a real diva on your big day, an A- line dress is the way to go! An A-line dress is fitted on the bodice and flares to the hem to form an A shape – hence the name A-line! It is an interesting choice for women of all body types.

This foolproof guide on finding the perfect wedding gowns will help you get the perfect dress for your big day, allowing you to accentuate your best features.


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