Ultimate Guide to Ponytail Magic: How to Make It Fit Any Occasion

History is full of some very interesting fashion choices and hairstyles. However, there is probably no other style more iconic than a ponytail.

Probably, it’s impossible to find a nation in the world where people aren’t wearing their hair in a ponytail one way or another. And this hairstyle is definitely fit for any occasion you can think of. Adding a few details and using some tricks can make it go from sleek and glam to a sophisticated look that will impress the tough crowd in a boardroom meeting.

The following ideas should help you spice up your ponytail to make this hairstyle truly special!

Ultimate Guide to Ponytail Magic: How to Make It Fit Any Occasion

1. Ponytail Extensions to the Rescue!

Ultimate Guide to Ponytail Magic: How to Make It Fit Any Occasion

First of all, you should know that everyone out there can enjoy having a gorgeous ponytail. It’s true that this style only looks fantastic with long hair. But that’s exactly why 16’’ ponytail extensions exist. They are exactly long enough to look natural yet impressive. And they are very easy to use so you can put them in yourself and play around with different styles and accessories.

To get some idea of how much of a difference ponytail extensions can make, check out how Ariana Grande looks without her signature style. The fact that her scenic ponytail is made of extensions doesn’t make it any less grand. And you can enjoy the same now.

2. Dreamy Braided Ponytail


If you are looking for a romantic hairstyle that looks absolutely charming, this one is it. You can wear it on a date or even a wedding. It’s also a great choice for any day when you simply want to feel some extra self-love and dress like a princess for it.

The style is simple. You just need to make a French braid on one side of your head. Do it halfway through and put the rest of your hair into a medium or low ponytail. Then, loosen up the braid a little to make it look appealingly messy. Do the same to the ponytail. You can also leave a braided strand all the way long so it mixes into the rest of the hair. This hairstyle can look amazingly delicate and will be completely fabulous if you are wearing a lace dress or blouse.

3. Sleek + Curly Low Ponytail for an Official Setting

Ultimate Guide to Ponytail Magic: How to Make It Fit Any Occasion

A perfectly sleek low ponytail is a classic for a business meeting and any professional event. This hairstyle makes you look serious and sophisticated, yet elegant at the same time.

However, it’s also boring.

But there is a way to spice this style up without losing the professional look. To achieve this, you’ll need to make it a two-part ponytail. At the top, you should make it as sleek as possible. Use some product, then brush and pull your tresses with extreme care. There shouldn’t be a single hair out of place as you tie up the ponytail to a look of perfect sleekness.

The actual “tail” end of the ponytail, however, must be made of curls. This style is a very great option for natural 3c to 4c hair. However, you can also use rollers or a styling wand to get those tight lovely curls. The contrast between the two textures spices up the style and makes you stand out. However, as this is a low ponytail with a very formal-looking top part, it’s perfectly suited for events that require a professional look.

4. Double-Knot Ponytail: Quick and Stunning

Ultimate Guide to Ponytail Magic: How to Make It Fit Any Occasion

If you have long straight hair, this style will look incredible. It’s stunning in its simplicity. Note that this is a low ponytail style that will not appear as impressive on curly or even wavy locks.

To make it, separate your hair in two roughly equal parts at the base of your skull. Then, tie the hair into a simple knot and immediately do this again. The double-knot will hold longer and look like some elaborate twist in the meantime. Fix the ponytail with an elastic and flip it over your shoulder so it “tilts’ a bit to one side. This will give the knot-twist a more defined and interesting look. Touch up with some hairspray and you are ready to go.

This is a great style for any occasion. But its foremost use is when you are short on time and need to fix your hair literally on the go.


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