Tasty Regional Delicacies ft. SaleBhai

Getting to know about different types of regional delicacies and handicrafts always excites me a lot! Isn’t it amazing that our country, India, is full of so many delicacies and handicrafts that are a reflection of our vast culture and traditions! Every state in India is blessed with its own speciality foods, snacks, arts and handicrafts.





I never miss a chance to visit the trade fairs that get organized within my city, approx once or twice in a year. Such fairs exhibit the specialties from other states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Bengal, etc,. But the things offered over there are usually sold for WAY more than their original prices! I am sure that you guys who have visited such trade fairs must have experienced the same thing.

All this while, it has been difficult to get access to regional specialties on online shopping websites too. But now, we finally have a new startup website on which, we can buy 100% authentic regional specialties from all over India! The website which I am talking about is SaleBhai.com and today, I will be introducing you guys to their platform and the variety of stuff offered by them. Let’s get started!

About SaleBhai

SaleBhai is your one stop online destination for all things related to regional foods, snacks, arts, handcrafts and natural beauty products. From Agra’s pethas, Ahemdabad’s khakhras to Bengaluru’s chocolates, you will find all of our country’s mouth-watering goodness on SaleBhai.com – at the prices you will love! Their mission is to give you an ultimate, back-to-roots experience and give you your fondest memories back. They have 300+ reputed regional sellers on their platform.

The diverse range of products that are available on SaleBhai are 100% authentic, fresh and delivered to you timely. They have free shipping on certain products and total cart values. On average, they deliver the products within 7 days. The delivery time depends on the availability of the products that you ordered, your and the seller’s location, and their logistics partners. SaleBhai makes sure that your products are packed properly so that they reach you in the perfect condition. If a product reaches you in a damaged or defective condition, you can contact their customer support and request for a return or replacement.

SaleBhai has been featured in many reputed publications like The Economic Times, Business Standard, The Times Of India, livemint, etc,. They have received many positive testimonials from their customers which you can read on their website.

As of now, SaleBhai does not offer Cash On Delivery as a payment option. But you can pay for your order through your credit/debit card, net banking account, and even international cards. All the transactions on their website are completely secure with the highest levels of transaction security currently available on the internet. For the detailed information about SaleBhai’s payment system, delivery, refund/replacements, etc, you can check out their helpful FAQs page.

Products Offered By SaleBhai

Tasty Regional Delicacies ft. SaleBhai

As I mentioned before, SaleBhai is all about different types of regional foods – that includes tasty snacks, healthy dry fruits and delicious sweets. They also sell arts and handicrafts from places like Rajasthan, Kutch, North East, Chhattisgarh (My state, yay!) and many more! They have categorized everything on their website really well. You can easily access different categories from the website’s main page itself. The SaleBhai website is mobile friendly and very convenient to use.

Let’s go through some of the categories and take a look at their unique products!


Tasty Regional Delicacies ft. SaleBhai

This category is divided according to the regions and the cities. I decided to explore delicious snacks from the state of Gujarat and I found a lot of yummy Gujarati snacks like chivda, bhakhari, salted peanut, sev, etc.

Sweets & Snacks

Tasty Regional Delicacies ft. SaleBhai

SaleBhai has a separate category for sweets & snacks. Here you will find famous Indian sweets like gulab jamun, chikki, rosogulla, mysore pak and Indian snacks like kachori, samosa, bhakarwadi, mathri, mixture, etc. Their namkeens’ prices start from Rs.119/- which is super awesome! And the best part is, they have a variety of pickles as well! ? Some of the snacks can be delivered internationally too.

Chocolate & Bakery

Chocolate lovers cannot be ignored, right? SaleBhai offers assortments of chocolates which come in gorgeous packaging – ideal for gifting purposes. Besides that, they also have baked delights like cookies, cream rolls, cupcake/cakes, etc, at affordable rates. SaleBhai has a separate section of Sugar Free Cookies especially for diabetes patients. So don’t let the diabetes take your cookies away from you!

Dry Fruits

The dry fruits available on SaleBhai are very affordable, in comparison to the ones in the market. They have two types of dry fruits – standard and special. In addition to that, you can also find mix dry fruits, chocolate coated dry fruits and roasted dry fruits. They too come in lovely packaging!

Arts & Handicrafts

Coming to the Arts & Handicrafts section, you will find home decor items, regional handicrafts, paintings, carpets and utility items like bowls, glasses, and mugs.

Tasty Regional Delicacies ft. SaleBhai

These are some of the handicrafts from my state – Chhattisgarh. Aren’t they unique and beautiful? 🙂 You wouldn’t find them easily anywhere else on the internet. They are only available in tribal areas of Chhattisgarh AND on SaleBhai, of course! 🙂

Health & Herbal 

Couldn’t keep myself from mentioning this category, this is a beauty blog after all! ?

Tasty Regional Delicacies ft. SaleBhai

SaleBhai has natural body care and hair care products from well known brands like Neev, Ancient Living, Omved, Vedantika Herbals, etc,. They believe that we shouldn’t depend on chemicals when the nature has given us everything that we need, and that’s why, they stock up only natural and herbal beauty care products on their website.

In the wellness section, they have immunity boosters, energy drinks (much needed during this hot and humid summer season!) and superfoods. Coffee and tea lovers are also in for a treat because SaleBhai has the best coffees and teas from India. I am planning to pick some Kashmiri Green Tea (Kahwa) from there.


Summer is the season of mangoes! You can buy and relish the famous Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes directly from SaleBhai. They currently have them on discount so don’t miss out!

My Favourites From SaleBhai

Being a BIG that foodie I am, I have explored pretty much every nook and corner of SaleBhai’s website! ? Some of my favourite (and unique!) snacks from their website are ~ Strawberry Katli, Organic Gulkand, Pickles, Dry Kachoris and nutritious Ragi Peanut Nibble featured above!

Since my parents are basically from Madhya Pradesh (Ujjain, to be precise), I am planning to get them their favourite MP’s delicacy – Ujjaini Sev from SaleBhai. This is one of the reasons to love SaleBhai – when you migrate from one state to another, you miss the special delicacies of your home town. But SaleBhai is making an effort to keep you in touch with your roots, so that you never miss your favourite regional snacks again!

SaleBhai Blog 

Apart from all of these amazing products that SaleBhai has in store for us, they also have a very informative blog where they write about food & lifestyle, decors, recipes and many other things. Mango lovers should definitely check out one of their recent blog posts where they have shared special mango dessert recipes!

I hope that all of you my lovely readers enjoyed knowing about SaleBhai! Let me know what do you think about them and their products by commenting down below.


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