How To Start A Beauty Blog & Pick The Right Website Hosting

Starting a beauty blog is one of the best ways to share your passion about beauty and makeup with others on the world wide web. In the recent years, Blogging has emerged as one of the most useful ways of sharing information with a relevant audience. Many people have come up with their personal blogging websites to write about things that they love and then reach out to other people over the internet who share the same passion for a topic as they do.

In fact, it has become one of the most efficient and fantastic ways of sharing information with other people. This guide is going to answer all of your queries about how to start a beauty blog & pick the right website hosting for it. This guide will make the process easier and simpler for you! Let’s get started.


How To Start A Beauty Blog & Pick The Right Website Hosting

Domain and Hosting

How To Start A Beauty Blog & Pick The Right Website Hosting
How To Start A Beauty Blog & Pick The Right Website Hosting

Registering a domain name is the first thing that you should do when starting a new blog. You can pick any beauty related name that you might have in your mind, just make sure that it is short, catchy and easy to remember!

You may also check out the online name spinner services that can spin one or two words of your choice and give you tons of unique name ideas with them.

Once you have chosen and registered your domain name, it is the time to pick the right website hosting for your beauty blog. It is always a good idea to go with a CMS (content management system) platform like WordPress makes the job of publishing and managing the content much easier as well as faster. You can easily set up your WordPress blog with a couple of clicks through the cPanel which will be provided to you by your hosting company.

Choosing the right web hosting company will make the whole blogging process super easy and smooth for you. Individuals who are looking for reliable web hosting companies can click here for more Australian hosting comparisons. Understating your blogs’ needs can significantly help you in narrowing down the available web hosting options.

Types of hostings – Shared vs. Virtual Private Server

Shared hosting and Virtual Private Server are the main types of hosting. Virtual Private Server is known for providing the highest quality, fast and improved web performance but it is slightly expensive. Many people prefer shared hosting because of its low price tag. This type of hosting is relatively slow as compared to VPS.

You can get a reputable company by reading web hosting reviews. This will also help you in discovering the persistent or consistent issues from the past and current users. Get to know the different companies that are responding or addressing these issues or complaints. Additionally, you should inquire about their backup plan and security features. A reliable back up plan can help you in recovering the lost website’s data. The web hosting company chosen should be capable of safeguarding the private information of its customers. It is, therefore, essential to consider all the security features.


How To Start A Beauty Blog & Pick The Right Website Hosting
How To Start A Beauty Blog & Pick The Right Website Hosting

With the right kind of theme, your blog will look like as if it has been designed by professional website designers. Again, you should select a theme that makes the design process/work more manageable for you especially if you are not an expert in coding.

Every theme has two components or parts:

  • Framework- There are different types of WordPress frameworks. A good framework should be capable of handling the aesthetics of the new blog. Genesis is one of the recommended frameworks.
  • The Child Theme – is a theme that inherits the style of another theme. You should choose the best Child Theme. You should find a design that is suitable for your blog and right for you.

On platform, you can find tens and thousands of themes in the “Appearance” section that are free and can be activated in just two clicks! Most of them are customizable as well.

For a beauty blog, I would recommend using either a minimalistic theme like mine or a magazine style theme. A combination of white, black, pale pink and golden looks the best in beauty blog themes.

These days, responsive designs in themes are all the rage as they work across all the devices and they automatically customize your blog’s pages according to the visitor’s screen resolutions.

Modifying Your Blog

How To Start A Beauty Blog & Pick The Right Website Hosting
How To Start A Beauty Blog & Pick The Right Website Hosting

Bloggers should modify their blog sites to get the desired feel and look (to make their vision a reality). The modification is done by tweaking the theme according to their preferences and adding their blog’s logo on the header. Bloggers can also play around with the widgets section on the sidebar to display various things from their blog like recent posts, blog’s social media handles, email subscription box, etc.

You may also want to add an author’s bio section on the blog’s sidebar so that the first time visitors can know more about the author of the posts that they are reading.

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With plugins on your blog, you can add new features and functionality to your blog with just a few clicks. It is very simple to add a functionality with a WordPress plugin, you don’t need to be a coding expert to do it.

Some of the recommended plugins that you should consider installing on your WordPress blog include Twitter and Facebook share-button plugins. These plugins can help your visitors to share your content on their social media handles easily which will bring you lots of new traffic and new readers. I recommend social warfare plugin for this. “Google Analytics for WordPress” is another essential plugin with which, you can track page views of your blog on your WordPress blog itself. I have been using this plugin ever since I have started blogging on the WordPress platform  and it is a must have plugin for me.

Writing Compelling Content

How To Start A Beauty Blog & Pick The Right Website Hosting
How To Start A Beauty Blog & Pick The Right Website Hosting

You should write and publish high-quality content on your beauty blog. Furthermore, you should add high-quality images to your posts to make them look more attractive and be more helpful for the visitors.

You can easily get free images from reliable sites such as Once you have created your blog, you should continue writing posts and then publish them regularly.

The tips and steps discussed above can help you in developing a responsive website and choosing a trusted web hosting company. These will ensure that your site remains safe and accessible at all times. Selecting the wrong hosting company can lead to loss of your website data or produce disastrous results. So choose your web hosting company wisely and do a good research before making a choice. Happy blogging!


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