Simple white & gold accent nail art on short nails!

Heya readers, how are you all? I am really happy today because it’s my dad’s birthday and I won a FK voucher in IndiBlogger’s happy hours! Now I can buy a surprise birthday gift for him with my own money 😀 Last time when I won a voucher I bought a clutch bag ( very cheap one: ( ) for my mom. She was very happy to see it because i bought it with my first earning  (I am a student atm).

Now it’s time to buy a gift for my dad but
I am so confused! Why is it so hard to choose gifts for men? He already has a watch (gifted by mom), enough pair of clothes(don’t know his size anyway), shoes, belt, wallet, etc etc etc.

I guess I am gonna order a mug or a phone case which says “Best Dad” or something like that. ^_^

Coming back to the topic, I did these nails today..

One of my nail broke few days ago so I had to cut all of them  :(. Accent nails are the best when you are too lazy to do a nailart! 


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