Stop These 8 Habits to Save Your Wood Floors

Wood floors are the heart of any household. Even the slightest rag on the wooden flooring degrades the whole look of the area. But because of our daily habits, we contribute a lot to the wear and tear of the wooden flooring.

Hence, to save you from the heartbreaking event of getting new flooring for your household, today we will share some tips to save your wood floors. With the help of these 8 tips, you will see a drastic change in the life of your wooden flooring. So, if you are interested in finding out more, then stick with us till the end.

Stop These 8 Habits to Save Your Wood Floors 

1. Don’t sand the dents

Stop TheSave Your Wood Floors

For those who live in a household, it is a common habit to sand the dents. But, sanding your imperfections is not a solution which will help your flooring. The reason behind this is that suppose, by mistake, you dropped an iron ball on the wooden floor and it creates a quarter-inch hole in the flooring. Now, if you are thinking to just out the whole flooring, it will just make your flooring veneer.

So, instead of sanding the floor, try to get a screening on them. Screening uses a lighter form of sanding and with mesh discs and floor polisher you can easily get it done by yourself.

2. Leak damage over-reaction

Stop TheSave Your Wood Floors

It is common that after a long trip on the vacation you are greeted at your home by leaking pipes and cupped wooden floors. In such a condition, the best thing that you can do is to just leave it as is. The reason behind is that if you sand the area too soon, it will not match up with the sink when the wood will dry out. Sure, the floor will take days to dry as per the season, but it is the best option for you in a condition like this.

3. Protect your floor from improperly placed houseplants

Stop TheSave Your Wood Floors

If you are a person who likes to have a bunch of flowerpots inside the house, then it is important for you to know as for how to protect the wooden flooring from the plant’s water. So, instead of just placing a trivet anywhere in the house, firstly try to find a spot where you’ll get a good amount of sunlight. Secondly, while placing the trivet, remember to put a saucer under it. This will help the air to get under the plant and you won’t have to worry about the water leaving a spot under the trivet.

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4. Use homogenous woods while patching

Stop TheSave Your Wood Floors

While patching up the floor’s gapping on your wooden floor, it is important to understand that choosing homogenous wood is the only way to get the best results. The reason behind this is that, if you choose a wood of other species, it will wear differently. So, to save your flooring from getting an absurd look, try to do some research first hand and then buy the right wood for the patch.

5. Avoid walking in Stilettos:

Stop TheSave Your Wood Floors

Everyone has a misconception that floors can tolerate shoes of all the kinds but, the results are quite contrasted. There are a lot of concepts that work in this misconception one of which is the material of the sole.

Softwood floorings such as pine wood flooring and chestnut flooring are prone to receive damage from high heels. So, whenever you see someone walking on your wooden flooring with Stilettos, politely explain them to get rid of their footwear for the time being.

6. Guard your floor against furnishings

Stop TheSave Your Wood Floors

We usually have a habit of rolling down our chair on the wood flooring without any concern and when the floor starts to break and crack here, we panic. So, instead of getting in this entire ruckus, it is better to follow a simple rule of placing a plastic sheet or fabric under the furnishings that you do not have to move very often. For those furnishings that you move often such as chairs, get fabric and leather stick-on for their foot. Also, check occasionally for the thickness of the stick-on and the fabrics.

7. You do not research before applying dyes

Stop TheSave Your Wood Floors

One of the worst habits that we need to stop immediately is the habit of not doing research before applying finishes and stains. Try to use aniline dyes and boat varnishes for the stains. They are a great combination and hold up for decades if used well.

8. You do not stick to the weekly maintenance rule

Stop TheSave Your Wood Floors

Regardless the type of finish you have on your wooden flooring, it is a common job to damp-mop the flooring once every week. But, most of us procrastinate and do not follow this rule which results in a reduction of the floor’s life. So, once every week you should damp-mop the flooring with a mild soap mixture.

This will hide the scratches and the patch issues caused by alcohol dips and spills will cloud out resulting in a shining floor with great durability.


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