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Hey everyone! Today is the day when I’m going to introduce you all to one more online shopping website. I’m pretty sure that it must be the first time that you’re going to hear about this website because it is quite new. The website’s name is Runbuye. I got to know about it via an email and then I went on the website to check out the stuff they have. I liked their cheap fashion dresses collection and felt that my readers are going to like it too, so I decided to do this blog post. Let me take you through their website..


Runbuye’s collection of clothing is inspired by latest Korean and Japanese fashion trends. They manufacture and ship everything from China. If you are looking forward to start an online business of reselling then you can join Runbuye’s dropshipping program and kick start your business from home! Alright, time to show you lovelies my favourite dresses from Runbuye.


• Korean Style T-Shirt


Have you girls seen Korean style smocks like this? They are different from off-shoulder or cold shoulder tops. They look so stylish and chic. I’ve only seen them on international shopping websites, these kinds of smocks or tops aren’t easily available in India. If you know any Indian website that sells tops like this one then do let me know in the comments below, otherwise I might buy them from Runbuye since they ship to India.

• Bat Sleeve Dress


Another fashion trend from Korea that’s very popular across the world! Isn’t the model just super cute? Runbuye has included good quality images of all their stuff on their respective pages. There is also a size chart for every outfit so you can choose the right size for yourself.

• Cute Cartoon Print Casual Hoodie


OK, since winters are going to start in a month or so here in India, I decided to show you all this hoodie which will keep you comfy during the chilly weather. There are many more cute hoodies on Runbuye like this one. You’ll be super confused if you have to choose just one out of all of them because they’re all so adorable!


So what are you guys and girls planning to buy from this website? Do let me know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social media so that they can also know about this website!


  1. RunBuye is new to me! That amazing top that you showed as first picture, wow, I loved it! I also loved the dress, but the top is my favorite one! Need to buy there, cause it seems to be very nice! Hope you have a lovely day!


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