Just Launched | Revolution The Waterproof Revolution Mascara

A little bit of mascara makes everything better!
Mascara is truly a makeup lover’s best friend! There are tons and tons of mascaras available in the market that claim to be lash lengthening, curling long-lasting and what not! But how many of them really stay put throughout your day full of hustles and bustles – without smudging or giving you raccoon eyes? Just a handful of them, the only ones that come with a waterproof formula!

A lot of drugstore brands have high-end like waterproof mascaras that stay true to their claims of being long-lasting, the mascaras that don’t start running down your face as soon as you are out and about in the heat

Makeup Revolution The Waterproof Revolution Mascara is the new buzz in the beauty town since we finally have a waterproof mascara from Revolution Beauty. It is probably the first time that the brand has launched a mascara with an exciting formula. Get to know all about the new waterproof revolution mascara and check out its before/after demo below!

Revolution The Waterproof Revolution Mascara

Revolution The Waterproof Revolution Mascara

Open your eyes to the Mascara Revolution. Now with even more staying power.

Making its mark in a NEW waterproof formula, the Mascara Revolution is here to stay – all day, all night, whenever you want it to.

Revolution The Waterproof Revolution Mascara

The hourglass-shaped brush hugs the lash to create a natural curl while the highly pigmented formula adds amazing volume and length. The rich consistency dries down to leave you with fanned out, defined lashes that won’t smudge, budge or flake.

A great mascara for an excellent price that will become the new staple in your makeup bag and combat long days, bad weather and tearjerker movies.

Revolution The Waterproof Revolution Mascara


New Revolution The Waterproof Revolution Mascara comes in an elegant matte black tube. Its name is embossed on the tube with golden ink

which gives the packaging a luxurious appeal. The cap part has water droplets texture on it that looks super cool, as you can see for yourself in the pictures above.

Talking about its hourglass-shaped mascara wand, it is something that has been a common thing with all the mascaras launched by various drugstore brands in a recent while. This kind of wand helps to lift up the lashes from their roots and gives them a really nice curl.

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One of the best things about this product is that it is a 100% cruelty-free waterproof mascara which is quite hard to find these days! Most mascaras that are cruelty-free or vegan are usually not waterproof, but this one surely is.

Here is a before/after video of this mascara that would also give you a quick Revolution The Waterproof Revolution Mascara review which would help you to decide if you want to add this mascara to your eye makeup stash or give it a pass!

The end results in all of the clips are really mesmerizing, aren’t they? If you love the fanned out and curly effect in your lashes then this mascara would definitely make you fall in love with it.

Revolution The Waterproof Revolution Mascara is not the only mascara that has been launched by the brand, here is another one from the same #TheMascaraRevolution range!

Revolution The Mascara Revolution

This one is for those who are not a fan of waterproof formulas in mascaras.. Because let’s be honest, waterproof mascaras can be a pain to take off your lashes at the end of the day when all you want to do is hit your bed and doze off instead of spending extra few minutes to remove every trace of your makeup.

The formula in both of the mascaras is certainly different, but both of them claim to be long-lasting. They also have exact same kind of mascara wands which are in a hourglass shape.


Which mascara would you pick out of these two? Do let me know by commenting below.


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