Review | The Nature’s Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream

Acne are annoying – and getting rid of them is an EVEN annoying process! If you have acne prone skin, then you must have tried a lot of different types of home remedies or the anti acne products available in the market. But, have you ever tried any DIY / Product which contains garlic and claims to give you healthy, acne-free skin? Today I am going to introduce you to one such product from the house of The Nature’s Co. Scroll down to read The Nature’s Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream review!

The Nature’s Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream

Get healthy, acne-free skin with the power of nature. Garlic Anti-Acne Cream is a powerful detoxifier. Its antibacterial and anti fungal properties help fight against acne by reducing it drastically. While the antioxidants present in it help repair and protect the skin. Wash your face thoroughly. Apply a small amount directly onto acne as required. Leave it overnight for best results.

Ingredients: Garlic extract, Tomato extract, Olive oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin – E

Price – Rs.895/- | Quantity – 50ml | Availability – Available On TNC Website, Amazon, NYKAA (available for Rs.806)

My Take On The Nature’s Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream

I got the sample size tub of The Nature’s Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream in my Fab Bag. The full sized version of this product also comes in a small transparent tub. Can’t say much about the full sized product’s packaging as I haven’t actually seen it in real life. But it looks quite good for the price. Moreover, it is not a glass tub so you can travel with it without any worries!

The Nature's Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream
The Nature’s Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream

Back to the review of this cream, I have been using it on and off since February. And yes, there is still a little bit of product left in the tub – ask me how? Because I have not been using it constantly. Plus, I require only the slightest bit of it for my whole face because it is a heavy-duty moisturizer. You might end up with greasy looking skin if you use it in too much quantity. I use it by dotting it all over my face and then I massage it until it totally gets absorbed by my skin. Initially, it makes my skin feel “stretchy” (usually, anti aging creams do this), but after 5-10 minutes, my skin starts feeling extremely soft and moisturized. Dry skinned people are surely going to fall in love with this cream as it moisturizes the skin intensely!

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Now let’s discuss whether or not, it works for preventing / reducing acne. As I mentioned earlier, I have not been using it constantly. But whenever I use it religiously for 3-4 days, I can notice that I don’t get any acne or whiteheads at all. And once I stop using it, my whiteheads and the teeny tiny bumps on my forehead start to come back! So without a doubt, I can say that it definitely works for all types of acne. Around a month back, I got a huge cystic acne on my left cheek and it was just not ready to go. I used this cream for a couple of days and it slowly dried it out. Its scar is still there, but it is fading away slowly too. It just needs to be given proper time to work on your skin!

The Nature's Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream
The Nature’s Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream

Garlic – which is one of the main ingredients of this anti acne cream, is known for reducing / flattening acne overnight. Even the famous beauty guru, Farah Dhukai, recommends using garlic if you want to make your acne disappear fast. Another skin-benefitting ingredient in this product is tomato extract which helps to brighten up the skin and reduce blemishes. TNC has chosen some really great natural ingredients to make this acne-fighting potion!

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What I liked about The Nature’s Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream

  • Moisturizes the skin well. A must-try if you have dry skin!
  • Actually prevents acne, reduces the size of preexisting ones and fades their scars. Just give it some time to work and it will show you desired results!
  • Free of harmful chemicals.
  • Contains Garlic which is a great antioxidant and anti fungal.
  • Full sized product comes in good, travel friendly packaging.
  • Makes the skin look super glowy and radiant.

What I didn’t like about The Nature’s Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream

  • People with oily skin may not like it because it makes the skin feel oily after a couple of hours of application.
  • Very expensive. A price range of something around Rs.550-600/- would have been affordable.
  • Rating

Final Words

Does what it claims to do! If you don’t mind spending close to 900 Bucks for this product, you should surely give it a try. The only downside of the product is that it makes the skin feel oily after a while!


  1. This wouldn’t be much helpful to me in summers as I have oily skin. But I can definitely give this a try during winters!! ? Nicely reviewed.


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