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My love for Korean sheet masks is undying! Sometimes I so wish that I hit some kind of jackpot and win an unlimited supply of them! ? It all started when I came to know about this lovely website called “Skin18”. The first-ever mask I tried from them was Mirium fresh fruit green tea mask which had managed to sweep me off my feet with its results! Since then, I have reviewed many sheet masks from different-different brands. Today I have the Foodaholic 3D Cucumber Natural Essence Mask with me for review. (P.S – this is almost 2 months old post . Sorry.. I completely forgot about it!?). Let’s get straight to the review!



Foodaholic 3D Cucumber Natural Essence Mask Review

About Foodaholic 3D Cucumber Natural Essence Mask

SUPER FOOD SKIN CARE with reasonable and affordable price! Cucumber Natural Essence Mask supplies the moisture and nutrition to the skin and soothes and normalizes the skin. All Foodaholic Natural Essence Masks keeps the moist hydrationg sense based on silky touch and excellent contact of 3D shape natural pulp mask. Benefits: Smoothes, Wrinkle Improvement, Provides Suppleness, Anti-bacterial, Healing Properties, Moisturizes, Nourishes, Improves elasticity
The optimum skin condition is maintained by natural ingredient extract to create elasticity for your skin & moisturize at the same time!! FOODAHOLIC Natural Essence Mask keeps the moist hydration sense based on silky touch and excellent contact of “3D shape natural pulp mask”.

How to use

  1. After washing the face, use a skin toner.
  2. Match the sheet from the eye and fix it all over the face with your fingertips.
  3. Remove the mask after 20~30 minutes and use the finger to absorb the remaining serum lightly.

Use as cold in Summer – Keep mask package in the refrigerator for sometime before putting it onto your face, it will make you feel refreshing.
Use as warm in Winter – Before use, warm the package in warm water (50~60C) for 2~3 minutes.


Water to 100 Solvent, Glycerin Humectant, Alcohol Solvent, Butylene Glycol Skin-Conditioning Agent, Trehalose Humectant, Panthenol Skin-Conditioning Agent, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil Solubilizing Agent, Methylparaben Preservative, Phenoxyethanol Preservative, Cucumis
Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract Skin-Conditioning Agent, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract Skin-Conditioning Agent, Corydalis Ochotensis Extract Skin-Conditioning Agent, Chenopodium Album Flower Extract Skin-Conditioning Agent, Lactuca Indica Extract Skin-Conditioning Agent, Draba Nemorosa Extract Skin-Conditioning Agent, Carbomer Viscosity Increasing Agent, Triethanolamine pH Adjuster, Disodium EDTA Chelating Agent, Fragrance, Fragrance Ingredient CTFA Foodaholic 3D Cucumber Natural Essence Mask Information

Price –  $1.50 USD / Approx Rs.100/- INR | Quantity – 1 sheet mask with 23ml of serum | Availability – Available on | BUY IT HERE

My Take 

Cucumber has many wonderful benefits for skin. It must actually be the most used product (after chickpea flour ?) in Indian homes when it comes to DIYed facepacks. It is mainly used for reducing puffiness(around eye area) and open pores, revitalizing skin and removing skin tan. This mask by Foodaholic contains all the goodness of Cucumber (or Cucumis Sativus or simply, Kheera!) and some other fruit extracts as well. It smells exactly like a cucumber even though it has so many other ingredients which could over-power the natural smell of cucumber. The pack says that you can use this mask after refrigerating it for a few minutes, but I didn’t feel like doing it. The mask feels very soothing on the skin even without refrigeration, thanks to cucumber and.. alcohol! (yes the careless-me has started to take interest in the ingredients list of products!) The results are pretty much just like that of all other sheet masks I have tried so far. Same dewy glow, same freshness and softness in the skin. The only difference is that this mask smelt good, a lot better than the other ones I have tried before.


What I liked about Foodaholic 3D Cucumber Natural Essence Mask :-

• It’s cheap.

• Easily available on Skin18

• Makes the skin super soft and adds a dewy glow (which I love!)

• Smells good.


What I didn’t like about Foodaholic 3D Cucumber Natural Essence Mask :-

• Contains alcohol, so it might not suit people with sensitive skin!


  • Rating - 4.8/5

Final words

Overall a good mask, especially for summers season because it provides soothing effect to the skin! Whenever you’re shopping on, Make sure to get this and Mirium Fresh Fruit Green Tea mask. You will love both of them!


What are your views regarding the Korean sheet masks? Do let me know in the comments section below!

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    • You must try it whenever you get a chance! I’m sorry but I haven’t used that shampoo 🙁 I’m only using natural shampoos from like last 1 year. Maybe you can find its review on other blogs! 🙂

  1. love the pics with the satn backround
    I’ve used innisfree masks – dnt know if that’s korean but they were nice

  2. Oh, I was so hopeful that I could wear this mask, cucumber is so good, but with alcohol, I can’t cause I have a very sensitive skin. Nevertheless, I think that the mask must be very good!


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