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Patanjali Body Lotion

Hi everyone! Today I will be reviewing Patanjali Body Lotion which I have been using regularly from a few days now. This isn’t the tejus body lotion, actually Patanjali has 3 different types of body lotions. The one I’m reviewing is the normal one and the other ones are Patanjali Tejus Body Lotion and Patanjali Shishu Care Body Lotion (which is especially made for babies. Let me know if you want a review on them, for now we’ll go with this one. 🙂

Patanjali Body Lotion
Patanjali Body Lotion

Patanjali Body Lotion

Rejuvenates skin and increases skin glow.

Patanjali Body Lotion
Patanjali Body Lotion

(That’s Amazon’s sticker. Don’t know why it says tejus body lotion when tejus isn’t even mentioned on the packaging!)


Lodhra Extracts, Manjisth Extracts, Turmeric Extracts, Aloe Vera Extracts, Cucumber Extracts, Wheat Oil, Saffron, Base Material

Price – Rs.60/- INR for 100ml| Shelf Life – 2 Years from MFG Date | Availability – Buy it here

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My Take on Patanjali Body Lotion

Patanjali Body Lotion
Patanjali Body Lotion

Patanjali Body Lotion comes in a bottle packaging which is very sturdy and of good quality. It has a flip top cap which closes with a click. Overall, the packaging is good and easy to travel with.

Patanjali Body Lotion
Patanjali Body Lotion

The body lotion has a peachy-white colour. It’s texture is little on the runny side, but that doesn’t bother me. I sometimes do end up pouring out excess amount of body lotion from the bottle due to its runny texture, but it’s OK because most of the body lotions are like this only. What I like about Patanjali’s products is that they always write all of the products’ ingredients on their packaging (along with the quantity of the ingredients in the product). It’s a good practice because we consumers (and bloggers!) always want to make sure that we aren’t using any harmful ingredient on our skin. So this body lotion contains extracts of a lot of natural things like Lodhra, Manjisth, Turmeric, Aloe etc. The best ingredient in this body lotion must be saffron because it really helps in improving skin complexion (removing tan, black spots etc).

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Talking about the moisturization part, I currently have dry and flaky skin on my body so I was looking for some heavy-duty body lotion. This Patanjali lotion does moisturize my skin well, but I feel the need of re-applying it after every few hours. It’s very light weight and does not feel heavy at all, but it’d have been better if it was little more moisturizing because winters are going to start soon in India and we all are gonna need super-moisturizing skincare products. But I can’t ask for anything more at this price point. Oh and those of you who are wondering how this body lotion smells like – it is very herbal, just like Patanjali’s beauty cream (which I used during last winter, but  I forgot to review it). The smell is very mild and soothing, I love it!

What I liked about Patanjali Body Lotion

  • Very inexpensive. It’s the most affordable body lotion in India.
  • Completely natural.
  • Doesn’t contain parabens.
  • Comes in very sturdy and good quality packaging.
  • Doesn’t feel oily or heavy on the skin.
  • Can be easily bought anywhere across India, be it in general stores or online.

What I didn’t like about Patanjali Body Lotion

  • Could’ve been a little more moisturizing.
  • It smells good, but those who don’t like herbal smell may not like it.
  • Rating

Final Words

Patanjali Body Lotion gets 4.8/5 stars from me! Definitely worth trying if you are looking for an affordable body lotion or want to try a 100% natural one. 🙂

So guys and girls, I hope you found my review helpful. If you want me to review any of the other patanjali products then do let me know in the comments section below. I love to try them out! They are super affordable and most of them have performed well for me. What about you all?! Do you like using Patanjali’s beauty products?!

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  1. I like herbal scents, so Panajali body lotion would be good for me! I also like that it has no parabens and that it is good for travelling. I think it’s a nice lotion, I loved the packaging! Would love to try it!

  2. The body lotion sounds good. I have never used any Patanjali product. Let’s give a try. Thanks for the review. Please check this out too ????

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