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Hiya everyone! Few days back, I received some lovely products from Fuschia. It is a range of natural and handmade products by Vkare Biosciences. They offer various skincare products like soaps, scrubs, moisturizers, lip balms etc. Today I will be reviewing their anti-ageing night cream, keep reading to know how it fared for me! 🙂

Fuschia Anti Ageing Night Cream Arabian Jasmine

Infused with 100% vegetarian & natural ingredients which prevents sagging & firms your skin. Arabian Jasmine ( jasminum sambac) oil clarifies, hydrates & heals skin. Vitamin E prevents premature ageing & prevents fine wrinkles. Free of parabens, phthalates, petroleumase, artificial tints & synthetic perfumes. Fuschia – Arabian Jasmine Anti-ageing Night Cream helps to restore the essential oils that is robbed off due to the hassles of daily life. The revitalizing and anti-aging action helps you to keep those years in check. According to skin care experts it is during the night that our skin repairs itself. The toxins accumulated during the day are also flushed out. The skin begins the healing process and also produces the natural oils helping to keep it moisturized. The fact that we are not constantly exposed to the elements that harms our skin, like pollution and the rays of the sun, during the night, further helps the effectiveness of the cream.

Tips on night cream usage

  • It is best to apply the night cream at least an hour before you go to sleep.
  • The cream should be left on for a minimum of eight hours.
  • Night creams should be washed off in the morning.
  • Never use a night cream during the day.


Jasmine Oil, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Kokum Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Biostine HP™.

Price – Rs.600/- (It’s the MRP, prices may differ during sales in online stores) | Quantity – 50gms | Availability – Available online at Amazon

Fuschia Anti Ageing Night Cream Arabian Jasmine
Fuschia Anti Ageing Night Cream Arabian Jasmine

My take Fuschia Anti Ageing Night Cream Arabian Jasmine

The product comes in a cute little square tub with round cap, as you can see in the pictures above. The packaging is very simple and cheap, yet I find it cute. It is lightweight and travel friendly.
I will be honest with you guys.. I have hated the smell of Jasmine all my life! So when I saw Arabian Jasmine written on the lid, I immediately opened it and sniffed the cream. It smelled nothing like I had imagined (No, I can’t imagine smells, but you get what I’m trying to say :P). It smells very nice and refreshing. Some people might find it overpowering initially, but it goes away after few minutes so no big deal!
Fuschia Anti Ageing Night Cream Arabian Jasmine
Fuschia Anti Ageing Night Cream Arabian Jasmine

The consistency of this night cream is thick, but it spreads smoothly on my face. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky when applied. I’ve been using it regularly from like 8-9 days now and I can already see a few changes in my skin. It is getting colder day by day here and my skin has taken a complete U-turn. :/ It has never been this dry before(So dry that its flaking off).. This cream has been helping me A LOT to heal the dry patches on my skin. I use it after washing my face in the night, an hour or two before sleeping. I am greeted with soft and fresh looking skin in the morning. 🙂 I can’t say anything about the “Anti-Ageing” part because I’m a little too young so I don’t have any wrinkles yet.


Fuschia Anti Ageing Night Cream Arabian Jasmine
Fuschia Anti Ageing Night Cream Arabian Jasmine

What I liked about Fuschia Anti Ageing Night Cream Arabian Jasmine :-

  • It is free from harsh chemicals like Phthalates, Parabens etc.
  • 100% natural & handmade (with love ♥).
  • Smells good.
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.
  • Suitable for people with dry and normal skin.

What I didn’t like about Fuschia Anti Ageing Night Cream Arabian Jasmine :-

  • The quantity and quality of this product is great but I still find it a little pricey.  🙁
  • 4.8/5

Will I recommend this product?

Definitely !!!! Especially if you have dry skin.. it will  moisturize your skin while you will be taking your beauty sleep!

Have you tried any product from Fuschia?! How was your experience with it?! Let me know in the comments below :* stay tuned for upcoming reviews ^_^ I’m gonna be busy for next 2-3 days.. So I may not able to respond to everyone’s comments, but I’ll try my best. 🙂

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  1. Was readign your blog when I came across this article- so lovely <3
    I too hate the smell of Jasmine as many times brands dnt get it right & it ends up stinking like 'agarbatti' !
    Nice cream

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