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Hello ladies! ♥ Today I’ll be talking about a nightmare dreaded by every woman, and that is – Hair removal! We women go through a lot of pain and struggle to get the perfectly smooth and flawless (i.e hairless) skin. Some of us are brave enough to opt for waxing or shaving (Ouchieee!) but I am certainly not one of them. 😛 I prefer using my epilator or depilatory creams (AKA Hair removal creams) to get rid of unwanted hair. Recently, I was sent Elois hair removal creams from a brand called “Prem Henna”. You’d instantly recognize this brand for their “Prem Dulhan” Henna cones. 😀 I was sent all three variants of their hair removal creams. Read on to know how they performed for me!



Elois Hair Removal Cream
About Elois Hair Removal Cream
Beauty and personality won’t get eyeballs, if you are not getting rid of unwanted hair. Elois Hair Removal Cream is a fantastic depilatory product available at your nearby cosmetic store. Available in three variants to cater wide skin types like normal, sensitive and dry. Formulated with 100 % natural extracts of Aloe vera, Papaya and Rose essence; this hair removing cream comes in an attractive pack with required accessories. Now removing hair for men and women became much easier that too in five minutes.
Elois Hair Removal Cream
For normal skin


For normal skin type, Elois has used the power of rose essence. With 100% pure extracts, Elois gives moisturizing and cooling to the skin. Not only that, the fragrance of rose acts as a natural perfume for you.

Elois Hair Removal Cream
For dry skin 
This moisturizing formula is infused with 100% papaya extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. It leaves the skin feeling silky and soft, making it perfect fit for dry skin.
Elois Hair Removal Cream
For sensitive skin 

With natural extract the sought after ingredient, Aloe Vera has been used to design and formulate this product for people with sensitive skin.

Elois Hair Removal Cream


Price – Normal & Dry skin variant for Rs.40/- | Sensitive skin variant for Rs.45/- | Quantity – 25 grams | Shelf life – 36 months | Availability – Available in online & offline stores.


My take

I have normal skin all year around (the story is different when it comes to my face :P) but I tried all three variants for the sake of review. It is clearly mentioned on pack to do a patch test before using the cream(s) but I didn’t do it because I have used hair removal creams many times so I was sure nothing will happen to my skin and yeah, I was right! They didn’t irritate my skin neither caused any discoloration. Smell is always my one and only concern whenever I am using a depilatory cream but I loved the fact that none of these creams smelled as bad as other brands’ depilatory creams (I won’t mention the names here but you know them :P). Infact, they didn’t smell bad at all! The spatulas provided with them are very easy to use and don’t feel too harsh. They also come with a leaflet with all the information written on it.


What I liked about Elois Hair Removal Cream –

• They do their job of removing hair efficiently.

• They contain 100% natural extracts.

• They didn’t cause any inflammation or discoloration on my skin.

• Cheaper than other brands’ depilatory creams.

• Tube packaging is hygienic to use. (Please don’t ever start selling them in jars!!)



What I don’t like about Elois Hair Removal Cream –



• Quantity provided is too less. I hope they start selling them in bigger packs soon, just a suggestion!

*PR Sample

Do visit their website – to see more of their amazing products! Also like their Facebook page  to get regular updates from them ♥



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