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Hello everyone! Happy Independence Day! I hope you all are enjoying the longgggg independence day weekend and the beautiful rains of monsoon season. Honestly, the weather at my place is not that great. Since there isn’t much rainfall over here, the atmosphere is very humid and annoying. I don’t even feel like using my skincare items like moisturizers or lotions because they feel so uncomfortable and sticky because of the weather! So I thought it is the perfect time to take out and use this Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet. Read on to know why I thought so! ☺





Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet

Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet
Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet
Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet
Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet


80% Aloe Vera Gel, 20% Butter, Rose Oil

Price – Rs.350/- | Quantity – 60gm | Shelf Life – 6 Months | Availability – Can be ordered through Aroma Essential’s Facebook Page, Instagram Page or by calling +917760988272

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My Take

I always wanted to try a body sorbet, but never got a chance to try one until I was sent this rose body sorbet by Aroma Essentials. For those who aren’t aware about the concept of body sorbets – They are very similar to body lotions or body butters. The only difference is that they have very light weight texture. Body Sorbets are best suited for people with oily skin, though dry skinned people can also use them. They are made with a composition of Aloe Vera Gel and butter (where aloe vera gel is the prime ingredient). This body sorbet by Aroma Essentials contains 80% of aloe vera gel and 20% of butter. The other most important ingredient of this body sorbet is rose oil, which makes it smell like fresh roses. It has a nice, pinkish colour.

Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet
Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet

The consistency of this body sorbet is super light, and kind of funny too (because it is fluffy ?)! It is so light that the whole thing can fall out of its tub if by chance the tub is inverted. ? But anyways, you don’t have to worry about any “spillage” because the tub’s lid closes reallyyy tightly and it’s travel friendly too.

Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet
Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet

Even though it’s light weight, it doesn’t mean that it’s not hydrating enough! It can keep your skin hydrated for hours. Initially – when you apply it, It may feel a  little bit oily, but it will get absorbed into your skin in no time. It gives a very cooling effect after the first few minutes of application. If you refrigerate it before the usage then it will feel even more soothing.

Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet
Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet

… oh well I took too much quantity for swatch. ? I once used this body sorbet on my face, just for testing purpose, and it turned out to be quite good. Like, if I ever forget to carry my face moisturizer, I can use this body sorbet in small quantity to moisturize my face! I will highly recommend this sorbet to people with all skin types. Dry skinned people can use it as a daytime moisturizer for their body. 🙂


What I liked about Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet

Feels very light on the skin.

Contains 80% Aloe Vera gel, which has multiple benefits for the skin.

Contains 20% butter, which is extremely moisturizing for the skin.

Smells like real roses!

Cheaper than other brands’ body sorbets available in India.


What I didn’t like about Aroma Essentials Rose Body Sorbet

No dislikes. I loved everything. This might be a repurchase for me next year during the summers! ❤


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Final Words

At this price point, you cannot get a wonderful and 100% natural body sorbet like this one, at least not in India! (Most of the “branded” body sorbets contain a lot of chemicals and preservatives) Its quantity may seem less, but the quality is great! Those who love rose fragrances are going to fall for this product!

*PR Sample

Sooo,  have you guys and girls ever used a body sorbet? Let me know which one is your favourite in the comments section below!

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  1. Sometimes those that feel a little oily at first can actually be super moisturising! This balm sounds really great and I can imagine how gorgeous it smells 🙂

    1. Yeah true! 🙂 It smells as good as real roses! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’re having a great day! ?

  2. With your grade, 80% aloe vera, 20% butter, scent of real roses and a good price, what’s not to love about it!? I would love to have it! I am so eager to go to India and be able to buy all the nice products you show!

  3. Omg! one more rose scented product. I loooove rose perfumed products. Totally going to buy this one for sure. It is affordable and 5* rating by you is a plus plus for me. Nice detailed review. Thumbs up for post and product both. 😀

  4. I only seen Body Shop having body sorbets. Have never seen any other brands having body sorbets. A 100% natural body sorbet with rose fragrance sounds tempting…

    1. I used to think that TBS is the only brand which makes body sorbets until I came to know about aroma essential’s body sorbets. 🙂

  5. This product looks cute. Great review! I have used TBS until now and don’t use different anything. It’s so good.

  6. Love the color of the product.. it is soo cute 🙂 Rose fragrance sounds sooo tempting.. would love to try this
    nice review Dipti 🙂

  7. product looks so yummy..:-P I love body sorbets specially in the summers as they are light weighted and doesn’t feel greasy…nice review..:-)

  8. I have never tried any body sorbet but this one looks quite tempting,I must just try it out.I have dru skin so I need some really nourishing for my skin and I think it will be just perfect for me . Great review.

  9. hey..dipti you are having a very nice beauty blog….and your articles are too good…thanks for your this post.

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