Review | Aroma Essentials Orange Splash

Hi everyone! Today I’m doing a quick review of Aroma Essentials Orange Splash – which is a 100% natural face wash / face cleanser and yes, it looks just like fresh orange juice in a bottle! ? Keep on reading to know about it in detail. ☺






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Aroma Essentials Orange Splash
Aroma Essentials Orange Splash

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash

Suitable for – Pigmented skin, Normal to Dry skin. Helps in skin lightening. Citric acid balances the pH level of the skin.

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash
Aroma Essentials Orange Splash

How to use

Wet face, Apply 1gm cleanser and massage all over and rinse with water.


Edible Orange Juice

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash
Aroma Essentials Orange Splash

Price – Rs.175/- | Quantity – 60 ml | Shelf life – 6 Months from MFG | Availability – Can be ordered through Aroma Essential’s Facebook Page, Instagram Page or by calling +917760988272


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My Take

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash comes in a bottle packaging with flip top cap as well as a stopper underneath it to make the packaging fully leak-proof. To take out the product, you have to squeeze the bottle a little. The product i.e. the cleanser’s consistency is a little thick, so sometimes you might find it difficult to take out the product from the bottle.

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash
Aroma Essentials Orange Splash

This cleanser contains 100% natural orange juice and as you know, orange is very beneficial for your skin – especially if you suffer with acne or hyperpigmentation. The citric acid present in orange can help you to dry out your acne and get rid of hyperpigmentation/dark spots while balancing the pH level of your skin. If you start using this splash regularly, you will see noticeable changes in your skin. I love using natural face wash / cleansers like this one because they smell good and don’t harm my skin in any way. ☺

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash
Aroma Essentials Orange Splash

As a face cleanser, Aroma Essentials Orange Splash is very effective. It cleanses my skin perfectly, without making it dry or rough. After using it, my skin actually feels softer than before! You need only a pea size amount of this cleanser to use on your whole face. It doesn’t make any foam at all (usually, beauty products make foam when they contain chemicals!), yet it cleanses off the dirt and excess oil without any issue. I once used this cleanser to remove my Makeup and I was happy to see that it removed my face makeup completely! Though I had to struggle a bit to remove the eyeliner and all, I’d still love to use it as a Makeup remover. Definitely recommending to all you people out there who are looking for a natural face cleanser.

Aroma Essentials Orange Splash
Aroma Essentials Orange Splash


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What I liked about Aroma Essentials Orange Splash

  • Looks and smells delicious. ?
  • Packaging is very travel friendly and hygienic.
  • Cleanses the skin effectively.
  • Can also be used to remove face makeup.
  • Doesn’t contain any chemical so it’s skin friendly! ❤
  • Doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives.
  • Will suit all skin types.
  • Will help you to reduce melasma/dark spots if used regularly.


What I didn’t like about Aroma Essentials Orange Splash

  • I tried hard, but I’m not able to find any “dislikes” in any of the aroma essentials products! All of them are just awesome. Can’t stop raving about them!


  • Rating

Final Words

Overall, It’s a really good and inexpensive face cleanser to include in your CTM routine. Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, doesn’t cost much, can be easily ordered with a phone call – What more would you ask for? ☺


Guys and girls, I hope you’re enjoying my reviews of Aroma Essentials products! Do let me know what do you think about this Orange Splash in the comments section below. ☺


    • Hi Anusha! I’ll be more than happy to help you! 🙂 For blackheads on nose, you can try biore strips, they are available on Amazon. You can also try face scrubs that are meant for blackheads.

      To keep your face dust free, remember to wash it at least 2-3 times a day with a good face cleanser/face wash. Also carry a face mist wherever you go and spritz it on your face whenever you feel dust buildup on your skin. Hope this helps. Please mail me on if you have anymore questions! 🙂

  1. 5 points, dear friend! I love orange products and this with 100% orange juice and with a great aroma, I would love to try it! Maybe difficult to squeeze, but I think the final result must be great! Hope you have a nice week!


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