Review | Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend

Having healthy, long and shiny hair is the desire of every girl out there! Today I’m going to review a hair care product which contains absolutely NO chemicals and claims to promote hair growth! Are you excited to know more about it?! Then keep on reading..





Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend

Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend
Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend

Price – Rs.350/- | Quantity – 60ml | Availability – Can be ordered through Aroma Essential’s Facebook Page, Instagram Page or by calling +917760988272


My Take on Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend

First of all, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this product. It comes in a simple packaging, but the flowers and petals peeking through the transparent bottle make it look so luxurious! Don’t they?

Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend
Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend

If you are confused by the term “hair growth blend” then let me explain, this product is actually a hair oil which is made with different types of essential oils or “blends”. These oils not only smell good, but also promote hair growth. Well, hair growth depends on a lot of factors like hormones, metabolism, environment etc. An oil cannot prevent hair fall or promote hair growth by itself. For obtaining healthy and long hair, you should try to keep your diet clean and take zero stress!

Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend
Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend

Of course, oiling is also a MUST because oil helps to condition the scalp and nourish the hair from the roots! I stopped oiling my hair long ago and that’s the reason why I am suffering with so many scalp related problems that I’m embarrassed to write about. So I am trying my best to start the oiling routine again. People say that one must oil their hair at least twice a week during night time and then wash them in the morning. I have been doing the same thing ever since I have received this hair blend from Aroma Essentials.

Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend
Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend

I can’t say whether it is helping me with hair re-growth or not, such changes can only be noticed after a longgggggggggg period of use. But there are many other things which I have noticed after using this oil. Like, the itchiness I used to get in my scalp (not because of lice, OK? I don’t have them! ?) has reduced a lot. Also, whenever I apply the oil, I feel that it helps me to sleep better since it has a very soothing smell. If you have migraine or sinus problem then you have to get this product, its smell will give you so much relief! And yes, it will stimulate hair growth too, but you’ll need to give it a lot of time! I might update you guys with the results once I have finished the whole bottle of this hair blend.

For now, I can only say that I’m impressed with the changes I can see in my scalp ever since I have started using this oil. Plus, the smell is just divine!

What I liked about Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend

  • The oil is very lightweight.
  • Comes in good, leak proof packaging.
  • Contains great ingredients. All of them are highly beneficial for our hair and scalp.
  • Helps with itchy scalp.
  • It’s very affordable. I know it might seem expensive to you considering its quantity, but trust me. Essential oils are really expensive, some brands sell them for like Rs.300-500/- a bottle. You won’t even end up using that much quantity. ?


What I didn’t like about Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend

  • Some people might find its fragrance too strong. If you have a picky nose then I’d recommend that you get your hair blend customized by the aroma essentials team. (Yep it’s customizable!) Mine has Geranium oil, Lavender oil and Rosemary oil!
  • Rating

Final Words

5/5! I am enjoying using this product so far! Definetly recommended for people who want to try out a hair care product which has such a calming smell. The owner of Aroma Essentials, Ms.Madhurima surely knows how to create magical and heavenly smelling products like this one. Her products are getting straight 5/5’s from me!



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