All you need to know about the famous Rainbow Highlighter! Information + Price + Swatches ♥

Heya ladies! Hope you all are doing great. ♥ Today I’m going to talk about the famous “rainbow highlighter” also known as “prism highlighter” which has been doing rounds of the internet since last few days. I got know about it through an article on my favourite website i.e BuzzFeed. I posted its picture on my IG and surprisingly, got over 100+ likes and 30+ random comments on it. ? Many people were curious to know about it so I decide to write this post and share more pictures which I got hold of. Let’s get started! (Warning – Pic rich post)

Whenever I see a picture of this highlighter, the only word which comes to my mind is “GORGEOUSNESS”!

Rainbow Highlighter | Prism Highlighter | BitterLaceBeauty
Credits | BitterLaceBeauty

The rainbow highlighters are made and sold by a brand called BitterLaceBeauty, owned by Jenna. As far as I know, this brand specializes in handmade/custom made makeup products which mainly consists of highlighters and eyeshadows. They also make magnetic pan holders.

Rainbow Highlighter | Prism Highlighter | BitterLaceBeauty
Credits | BitterLaceBeauty

Oh yes, I’d just frame it and hang it on a wall! ?

Swatches time!

Rainbow Highlighter | Prism Highlighter | BitterLaceBeauty
Credits | BitterLaceBeauty
Rainbow Highlighter Swatch | Prism Highlighter Swatches | BitterLaceBeauty Highlighter
Credits | BitterLaceBeauty

Look at the pigmentation! It’s insane!

Rainbow Highlighter | Prism Highlighter | BitterLaceBeauty
Credits | BitterLaceBeauty

And that’s how it looks on face! The best thing? It will suit on almost all the skintones! It’s also a very multipurpose product since it can be used as an eye shadow too. ☺

Rainbow Highlighter | Prism Highlighter | BitterLaceBeauty
Credits | Instagram – @alexandra.stuart

And yeah, the Prism Highlighter is actually not the only beautiful product they have! Let me show you some of their other creations as well.. 

Unbirthday BitterLaceBeauty
Credits | BitterLaceBeauty 

This beauty pictured above is called “Unbirthday Highlighter” and it was their bestseller until the prism highlighter was launched!

Pocket Full of Rosies BitterLaceBeauty
Credits | BitterLaceBeauty

“Pocket full of Rosies” was a limited edition highlighter. Sad that it’s not available anymore!

Mirror Highlighter BitterLaceBeauty
Credits | BitterLaceBeauty

And that’s mirror mirror pressed powder!

Bitelace Beauty
Credits | BitterLaceBeauty
Sugar Spun Highlighter BitterLaceBeauty
Credits | BitterLaceBeauty

Sugar Spun Highlighter! The cutest one.

I’m sure that they’ve many more products, but I couldn’t find them all on neither their ETSY page nor their newly made website,

Rainbow Highlighter | Prism Highlighter | BitterLaceBeauty
Credits | Instagram – Touchofglambeauty

The Rainbow Highlighter aka Prism Highlighter is priced at $22 USD (previously – $16 USD) and can be bought from once it’s back in stock! Follow Bitter.Lace.Beauty on Instagram if you want to know about its updates.

DIY Rainbow Highlighter | DIY Prism Highlighter
Left: Dupe, Right: Original | Credits IMGUR

Many people have started to make their own DIY rainbow highlighter by mixing multi-coloured eye shadows with crushed highlighter and alcohol in a pan, but is it close enough to the original one? Well I don’t know…

Rainbow Highlighter
Credits | BitterLaceBeauty

Because the original one is so magical!

So what do you think about this beauty? Are you going to get your hands on it?! Let me know in the comments below.

P.S – not a sponsored post!


    • Hey.. it is only available online on Currently none of the Indian brands have such product!

  1. Did you check out the buzzfeed post on an MUA who recreated these rainbow highlighters? It wasn’t perfect but a close enough dupe and it looked good.

    • Yes yes! I have added her pic too. Check out the second last pic. It’s a very close dupe but it appears more greenish! Still beautiful though. 🙂

  2. interesting…honestly, I don’t think it looks good on pale skintone. It actually looks a bit ridiculous because you can see a green & blue streak on their cheek!

  3. I loved that! I love highlighters and since my favorite one was discontinued I am buying and buying some that could be the same and none of them was 🙁 I want this one, so much! I will go to their page now, so amazing!

  4. They all look so amazing but I don’t think that they will look good on our Indian skin tones.Looks like a great product but will a mix of blue or green highlighter suit our skintones.Not too sure.


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