The Ultimate Guide For Getting Prom-Ready | Prom Guide


No matter what anyone says, your prom is a big deal! It is a night that you look forward to throughout all of high school, and whether you are going on a romantic date, bringing a guy friend, or going stag (which is equally as awesome), you want to look and feel your absolute best. So what are the best ways to make sure that you do?

When you are going to prom, you will be laughing, dancing, taking photos, and maybe even sticking your head out of the sunroof of your limo if you’re doing things right. You want your hair and makeup to hold up through all of the fun you will be having, and still look gorgeous in the pictures that you will cherish forever. Achieving the perfect look for prom may take a while, but it will be well worth the wait with these awesome prom tips:

The Ultimate Guide For Getting Prom-Ready | Prom Guide

Practice Your Makeup Beforehand 

The Ultimate Guide For Getting Prom-Ready | Prom Guide
The Ultimate Guide For Getting Prom-Ready | Prom Guide

A lot of people opt to have a professional do their makeup on their prom night, which is a great option if you can swing it. However, this can get expensive and time-consuming, plus, you know your own face better than anyone else, so sometimes it’s better to just do your own makeup for your prom.

If you choose to do your own makeup for the prom, then you should practice your look in advance. Ask your friends for advice on what makeup look would go best with your dress color, hairdo, and face. Use a YouTube tutorial to find the perfect makeup look with step-by-step instructions. Then, make sure you have everything you need to perfect the look, and practice!

Drugstore makeup is inexpensive and a lot of it works just as well as some of the more high-end stuff, so don’t be afraid to stop by a drugstore and grab something new for your big night. Then, sit down in front of a well-lit mirror and practice the look. Practice the whole makeup look from start to finish a few times before the big night, that way you have got it down to a science by the time that prom night rolls around.

Use the Right Hair Tools

The Ultimate Guide For Getting Prom-Ready | Prom Guide
The Ultimate Guide For Getting Prom-Ready | Prom Guide

Another important thing to consider when getting ready for the prom is whether or not you have the right hair tools to do the job. If not, it may be time to invest in a new flat iron. A flat iron is the best bet, because it is more versatile. Not only can you straighten your hair with a flat iron, but you can also use one to create beachy waves and tight curls.

My personal favorite flat iron is the Fahrenheit Flat Iron. It works great for people with long or curly hair. This option is great because it is inexpensive but works like a high-end flat iron. It’s the best of both worlds! It will help you to achieve your dream prom hair with minimal stress.

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You may not think you will be needing any hair tools for your look, but even with an up-do you may find yourself wishing that you had a flat iron to make sure everything is perfect and in its place.

Be Prepared

The Ultimate Guide For Getting Prom-Ready | Prom Guide
The Ultimate Guide For Getting Prom-Ready | Prom Guide

You’ll probably only be carrying a clutch or a small purse to your prom, so it’s important to make sure that you are extra prepared by having everything that you may need for the night- but in miniature!

Carry around a perfume rollerball, a small pack of blotting pads, a mini toothbrush or flossing stick, and an extra Q-tip or baby wipe around with you in case of emergency. You never know what will happen on your prom night, and it would suck to have a piece of lettuce from dinner in your teeth in all of your pictures.


The best tip that anyone will give you for your prom night is to be confident and have the time of your life! This is a night that only happens once, so instead of worrying too hard about everything being perfect, focus on having the most fun you possibly can. That way, you can always look back on your prom with the fondest memories.



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