Press Release | The BeautyWish Box now loaded with A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE

*Press Release by The Nature’s Co.

The BeautyWish Box now loaded with A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE

Coming your way every month! Starts from this Anniversary Special!

It’s coming! Something the BeautyWish Box lovers have always desired. The Nature’s Co. for the first-time ever, tweeks their popular BeautyWish Boxes, giving all customers the freedom to CREATE – YOUR – OWN BeautyWish Box – now for all seasons ahead.




TNC definitely has you covered with a box designed to soften even the most jaded of hearts. The box will still cover the most innovative, fruit-scented body and hair cleansers to rosy, feminine, aqualicious, earthy, “Au – Naturele” inspired beauty care products. This box is a girl’s best friend, not to mention a great present which can now be completely custom-made for every order.

As a whole lot of YOU gets added to every box you order, with the personalisation, you get to know what your BeautyWish Box brings to you before you order it. Definitely no second thoughts or apprehensions of whether any product would suit you or not, whether you would like the fragrance and feel, or whether it would be a repeat of something you already have! You have three mind blowing options to choose from (Mind you, neither of them will disappoint!):


(1) Terrific Three

Any 3 deluxe sample sized products out of 9 products @ Rs. 395 only

(2) Splendid Six

Any 6 deluxe sample sized products out of 9 products @ Rs. 695 only

(3) Elite Eight

Any 8 out of 9 products @ Rs. 895 only (This one is Special – It includes 7 deluxe sample sized and 1 Full size product)

To top all this up, you still enjoy added free gifts and goodies, 35% Discount Voucher, an attractive reusable packaging and Cash on Delivery available.

Why wait…? Awaken to the freedom of BE-YOU-TI-FUL only on

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  1. Customized beauty box sounds cool. But it defeats the whole point of a beauty box which is – getting a box of surprise goodies every month. The surprise element will be missing.

  2. Thank you dipti so much for this information. I just received my august box. And was wanting to try more from nature’s co but was resisting the idea due to repeating of products. Now this is some really awesome news. Going ahead to their site now.
    You are awesome miss dipti. My favourite blogger.

  3. This seems to be a very good deal! I think that everyone will like it! If only I were closer, I would like to subscribe to this box!

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