Plain Gold Jewellery As A Money Investment – Why It’s Profitable

Gold investment is known to be one of the most popular form of money investments in the Middle East and South East Asia. Nowadays many companies, banks and jewellers are offering various types of gold investment schemes like E-Gold, ETF, Gold bars/coins etc.

Plain Gold Jewellery As A Money Investment

Plain gold Jewellery as a money investment
Plain Gold Jewellery As A Money Investment – Why It’s Profitable

Buying plain gold jewelry is an another profitable form of money investment. You can wear it for ages and you’d still receive profit if you ever decide to sell it! It’s like –  Buy it, Flaunt it.. and then sell it whenever you want to! Plain gold jewelry sets are not only good for investment, but for traditional wear as well.

Mila Bangles
Mila Bangles

Most of the South Indian bridal jewellery pieces are made with just gold and no stones or Meenakari work, that’s why they look so nice and elegant! However these days, many people are choosing stone studded gold jeweleries over plain ones. I know that stone studded jeweleries do look beautiful, but they’re probably not the best option when it comes to money investment!

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Here is why –

Plain gold Jewellery as a money investment
The Rachel Ring

When you purchase stone studded gold jewellery (be it precious or semi-precious stones), the stones will get weighted along with gold and you will be charged for both of them, i.e – you will be paying the price of gold for the stones as well! The jewellers usually deduct the price and weight of stones, but only through their guesswork since it’s pretty impossible to find out the exact weight of stone(s) in stone studded jeweleries – You will have to trust your jeweller on this! Also, the making charges of stone studded jewellery are usually higher if compared to plain gold jewellery.

On the other hand, If you ever plan to sell or exchange your stone studded gold jewellery in the future, the jeweller will remove all the stones and will weight the gold part only, this step might cause you a heavy loss since you probably paid for the stones part too while buying the jewellery. This is the reason why you should go for plain gold jewellery, no matter whether you’re buying it for your usage or for investment!

The Viciously Designed Earrings
The Vivaciously Designed Earrings

Trust me – Gold can look beautiful on its own. So try to invest your money in plain gold jewellery if you want to derive maximum profit out of it in future.



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