Smart Safety Tips For Today’s Smart Women

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My today’s post is dedicated to a very serious topic. You can guess it by the title of this post, it is going to be about Women’s safety, and especially about the safety of Indian women. In the last few years, the crimes against women in India have increased so much that it makes women feel unsafe everytime they go out of the house alone. Women live in a constant fear of being a victim of terrible crimes like rape, molestation, acid attack or human trafficking

The thought of going out alone makes us women uncomfortable to an extent. But at the end of the day, we women are also human beings and hence, we too have equal rights as men to live our life – without having to worry about getting attacked or molested.

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Windows 10 unveiled!

Hello guys. I’m back on my blog again and I’m blogging through my new phone – Karbonn Sparkle V, I’ll write a review of it soon. Today I’m going to write about an unexpected launch of Microsoft Windows 10 which will be released in late 2015. Yes, you read it right, Microsoft is going to skip the Windows 9 and launch Windows 10 directly.

Microsoft’s officials revealed this news in a press conference held in San Francisco. The first look of Windows 10 seems quite good to me, the start menu is getting a good comeback in it. Also, there will be a task manager which appears if you swipe a tab to left and it will show you the active programs. The best thing about Windows 10 is that it will work on all the devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC’s etc and will have similar looks, all of them will use the same App store, Therefore it’s one more  reason to love the new release.

Another good feature of Windows 10 will be Continuum. Suppose you install Windows 10 on a touchscreen tablet/netbook and use keyboard or mouse with it, then continum feature will automatically detect them and make your tablet work like a desktop, And simply when you disconnect your devices it will let you use the touchscreen.

So this is all I got to write about this topic I hope you guys liked it even tho I couldn’t give detailed information,  but I’ll try my best to write good and informative articles after this.

 By the way, have you guys heard about this new tool for testing your internet connection’s speed? It is called Charter speed test and it shows you a lot of other information about your internet connectivity like your upload speed, IP address and much more – all at one roof!
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