13 DIY Home Decors to try

Why spend thousands on decorative stuffs when you can make your own? 

1. Bottle Lamp 


2. City Lights Lamp 


3. Melted Crayons Art 


4. Lights and Pictures!


5. Scrap Paper Chandelier 


6. Flower Arrangement in wide bowl 


7. Terrarium 


8. Cute Painted Bottles as a Vase


9. Family photos clock 


10. Twig candle holder 


11. DIY lights 


12. Tissue paper pom poms 


13. Paper flowers wall decor 


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MTV MUAH “POP” Lip Colour – LC05

Hello again! Yesterday I swatched 3 eyeshadows from my MTV MUAH “POP” makeup kit, Today I’ll swatch a lip colour from the same kit. The shade number is LC05

I don’t know what colour to call it, plum maybe? Let me tell you a secret,  I can’t differentiate between few colours like violet, purple, plum, mauve & magneta. And no I am not colour blind 😐

LC05 swatch – without flash

It may look a little shimmery in the pic but it’s just glossy.

LC05 Swatch – with flash 

I don’t wear this lippy often because I can’t pull off this shade, maybe it will look better on people with cool undertones. I prefer using a light pink lip colour from the same range.  Well this one will cost you Rs. 119/- in market, the price differs online.

What I like about MTV MUAH “POP” Lip Colour LC05 

– Very very Affordable

– Nice packaging

– Spreads easily on lips, doesn’t bleed after it’s set

– Has a nice smell

– Comes in many shades

What I don’t like about MTV MUAH “POP” Lip Colour LC05

– Stays for barely 3-4 hours (but leaves a nice tint)

– Doesn’t survive a meal

– The texture is too creamy but still dries my lips

– Becomes a little sticky after few hours of use

– Shade name is not specified

I will rate it 3/5  🙂

I think all the products from MTV MUAH range are perfect for school/college going girls who can’t spend much on high-end makeup products because they’re very cheap. Their staying power is not that great but what more do you expect for this price?

I’ll recommended this to girls who are looking for a budget friendly makeup products.

This lip colour is currently out of stock at Jabong.

* The product was bought with my dad’s money 😉

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MTV MUAH “POP” Eye Shadows 09, 08, 07 Review & Swatches

Hello readers! What have you been up to? The rainy weather is making me lazy, I just want to curl up in my blanket and sleep.. Okie that’s what I’ve been doing from last two days 😀

Well I saw my MTV MUAH “POP” makeup kit sitting in a corner so I thought why not review & swatch some of it’s products?  I bought the
kit last year on my birthday from Homeshop18 and the price was around Rs.999/- whilst market price is Rs.1929/- . There are three 3 kits to choose from – POP, PUNK and DAZZLE. You can also buy the products individually. The kit contains…

Today I am going to swatch 3 eye shadows from POP collection.. Shade ~ 09(grey/silver), 08(light green) and 07(pink). Sorry for descending order 😛

MTV MUAH “POP” Eyeshadows – es-09, es-08, es-07




I hope these pictures are clear enough, it’s really difficult to take snaps with my tab  🙁

What I like about MTV MUAH Eye Shadows

– Very Affordable.

– Pocket friendly packaging.

– Pigmented enough, I use it with a wet brush.

– Stays for 3-4 hours (without primer).

– Comes in many shades.

– Good quantity.

– All products from MTV MUAH have shelf life of 3 years.

What I don’t like about MTV MUAH Eye Shadows

– Too shimmery (Actually just the silver one).

– Shade names aren’t specified.

–  The applicators provided are useless.

Rating ~ 4/5

You can buy them (individually/in set of 3/kit) online on Homeshop18 or Jabong.

Well I like all the products which came in my MTV MUAH “POP” kit except “Oil Free Foundation” because it comes in single shade “Natural Beige” and it makes my skin look orangish..

Which eye shadow did you like the most? Share in comments. Tomorrow I’ll swatch a lip colour from same range.  🙂

*The kit was purchased with my dad’s money.  😉

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Simple white & gold accent nail art on short nails!

Heya readers, how are you all? I am really happy today because it’s my dad’s birthday and I won a FK voucher in IndiBlogger’s happy hours! Now I can buy a surprise birthday gift for him with my own money 😀 Last time when I won a voucher I bought a clutch bag ( very cheap one: ( ) for my mom. She was very happy to see it because i bought it with my first earning  (I am a student atm).

Now it’s time to buy a gift for my dad but
I am so confused! Why is it so hard to choose gifts for men? He already has a watch (gifted by mom), enough pair of clothes(don’t know his size anyway), shoes, belt, wallet, etc etc etc.

I guess I am gonna order a mug or a phone case which says “Best Dad” or something like that. ^_^

Coming back to the topic, I did these nails today..

One of my nail broke few days ago so I had to cut all of them  :(. Accent nails are the best when you are too lazy to do a nailart! 

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Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, Feel young! #HoneyDietIsHere

Healthy eating habits can bring drastic changes in your life. It not only boosts your metabolism but also increases your stamina. Your body needs 6 types of nutrients to work properly
and they are – Proteins, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Vitamins, Fats & Oils, lacking any of these nutrients can make your body weak and lead to fatal diseases.  Many people starve themselves to lose weight and call it “dieting”. Starving yourself won’t help in any way, Instead, you should start having healthy meals.

By “healthy meals” I don’t mean that you have to eat salads or fruits all the time, there are thousands of tasty, yet healthy dishes you can try while you’re on diet. You can also make your boring food taste delicious by adding sweeteners like honey.

I am trying to lose weight from last few months, so I’ve done a lot of research regarding this topic. Today, I will share some tips which are really easy to follow and will help you try to lose or maintain your current weight and live a healthy life. Even if you’re fit, you should still follow these tips to stay in shape.

• You should consume 6 small meals each day rather than stuffing up 2-3 heavy meals.

• You should track your calories everyday, it will help you to eat right number of calories. Use calorie calculator to know how many calories you need to consume per day.

• Do 10 minutes of cardio exercises like swimming, skipping, jumping jacks, etc. My personal favorite is Zumba dancing. It consists of various exercises which you can do in less span of time. *Consult a doctor before starting your workout plan.

• Avoid refined grains as much as possible.

Switch to Honey diet, a sweeter alternative!

You have no idea what a spoonful of   honey can do to your body!

• It can help you to lose weight, cure irritated throat, cough, cold, gastritis, etc. Many scientists have found that honey contains anti-oxidants which can destroy cancer cells.

• Taking one spoon of honey in morning with warm water or green tea will improve your digestion process.

•  Can’t sleep? Take a spoon of honey with milk before going to bed. I have it during winters and it really works for me.

• It can be used as a face pack or shampoo. You can make a good exfoliator with honey and sugar.

• It can lessen your cravings for sweet food.

• There are so many mouthwatering dishes you can make with honey.  Check out these recipes by one of my favorite Chef, Vikas Khanna.

For more tips please visit – http://www.daburhoney.com 
At last, I would say that you should always love and pamper your body. Cheers  🙂
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