Are Natural and Organic Hair Colour Products That Much Better for You?

Millions of women colour their hair regularly and all of them should know that this treatment damages their locks to some extent. Of course, they want to avoid that damage without losing the beautiful colour they receive after the treatment. A variety of natural and organic hair dyes appeared on the market to meet this particular demand. But are these products really all that better and safer to use?

It seems that “yes” is the obvious answer because those products are made of natural ingredients. However, don’t forget that cyanide can appear naturally as well. Therefore, being “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean being “safe”. Hair colouring products don’t contain such toxic compounds, but the very nature of these formulas means that they must do some damage to your hair in order to change its shade.

Truth About Hair Colour Treatments: Can They Be 100% Safe?

Are Natural and Organic Hair Colour Products That Much Better for You?

First of all, let’s tackle the big problem, which is the toxicity of hair dyes and the potential threat of them being the cause of cancer. Multiple studies looked into this problem and came to the conclusion that while these products contain ingredients that might have carcinogenic effects, the exposure to them via hair dye doesn’t create any risk because it’s so limited and short-term.

Therefore, the first thing you need to note is that hair colouring products aren’t some kind of extremely dangerous substance, regardless of whether they are organic or not.

Now, the natural and organic vs. synthetic hair dyes matter is a bit more complicated. To understand it you need to know exactly how hair colouring products affect your hair. Simply put, they lift your cuticles in order to infuse the hair shaft with a new colour. That’s how colouring works by default, so no product that achieves the end result can be completely safe because it’s the lifting of cuticles that damages your hair the most.

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Now, let’s take a look at conventional dyes, which many people believe to be more dangerous. Today many of these products contain natural ingredients as well. And this means that they can benefit your hair and start treating the damage dealt by the treatment right away.

Colouring creams, like Fanola Prestige Colour that contains ginkgo biloba, or products that contain Argan Oil both have restorative powers and help seal up the cuticles lifted by the colouring process. Before that, they infuse your hair not only with the new pigment but also with the active natural ingredients they contain. As a result, you get shiny tresses in any of the 100+ shades offered by these dyes.

And that’s a very important detail, synthetic hair colour treatments are literally the only ones capable of dyeing your hair in a multitude of shades, including bold ones like blue or blood-red or purple. All-natural colouring substances, like henna or basma, are only capable of achieving a few specific shades. And if your colour is naturally dark, your options will be even more limited, because no matter what anyone tells you, there is no 100% safe and natural way to bleach your locks.

Are Organic Hair Dyes Safer?

Now you know that synthetic hair colouring products aren’t all that bad. But still organic hair colour must be better, right?

Wrong. Organic hair colours often contain ingredients that have the same effect as synthetic ones, albeit a bit less potent. This is the reason why they can only produce “natural colours” as well.

However, the difference in potency is negligible in terms of damage. As mentioned above, a good synthetic dye that contains some restorative natural ingredients, has about the same effect on hair as an organic product.

And if by “organic dye” you mean henna, you might actually damage your hair more with it than with a synthetic dye. That’s because henna often contains metal salts and is harsh on your hair by default. Therefore, unless it contains some hydrating and nourishing additional ingredients (like synthetic dyes with natural ingredients) it dries out your hair and damages it badly.

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Therefore, the conclusion is that all hair colouring products are somewhat bad for your hair, regardless of whether they are natural, organic, or synthetic. The exact level of damage they deal varies depending on the ingredients. But, overall, high-quality professional dyes are the safest option regardless of how many natural ingredients the product contains.


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