Me, My BFF & Our Fun-Filled Tales!

Friendship is the purest form of love. Only a few people in this world are blessed with true friends, and yes, I am one of those lucky people! touchwood ☺ I don’t think I have ever talked about my friends in any of my posts, but today I will do because they are a very special part of my life! ❤





Actually, I didn’t have a lot of friends during my childhood days. I used to talk to everyone in my class, so you can say that all of them were my friends – Still, I didn’t have someone whom I could call my “BFF” or “best friend“. My classmates used to live far away from my home so I rarely got a chance to interact with them outside the school. Back then, we didn’t have Internet or WhatsApp and all. ? Even phone calls used to be really expensive!

Everyday, after coming back from school, I felt really lonely and bored because I had no one to play with. You would get it if you’re a single child of your parents and don’t have any friends living near your house. ? None of my neighbors had any kids who were about my age. That was until my best friend’s family moved in two houses next to mine.

It was somewhere between 2002-2004 when I met my best friend, Priya and her family. I don’t remember the exact year, but I remember the time period because it was around dusshera. Her mom had invited me over for Kanjak Pooja (It’s a day on which little girls are invited by the neighborhood families so that they can pay their respect to them and take their blessings, as little girls are considered as the Avatar of Goddess Durga), that was my first visit to her house. I was really excited to know that she has joined the same school as mine. Even though she was one class junior to me, we still met a lot during school time and that’s when our friendship started to grow. I also became friends with her elder sisters and their cute little brother, but Priya was always (and still is!) the closest to me.

Me, My BFF & Our Fun-Filled Tales!

Together, we used to play Antakshari (at that time, we didn’t know a lot of songs and lyrics, so we used to invent our own! ?), Kabbaddi, Pitthu and what not! Today’s kids won’t even know what Pitthu is, but it was my most favourite game to play with my BFFs. Everything was so fun when they were besides me! I just recalled a very funny incident which happened on our last Diwali together. We were bursting crackers outside Priya’s house and all of a sudden, she shouted “Happy Holi” really loudly (so loud that even people from the other colony could hear it! ?) instead of “Happy Diwali”. It was really funny at that time and 10-11 years later, it still is! ☺

Sadly, they had to move to a different city after staying here for about 2 years. Months after they moved out, we kept in touch through phone calls. Somehow, both of us misplaced each others’s number and didn’t have any other way to stay in touch. Yep, that’s how I lost touch with my dearest BFFs, but never forgot them! They were always in my thoughts.

Years passed and I still had no clue on their whereabouts. Call it a miracle or the power of the internet because last year during April, I searched their names on Facebook and guess what?! I found them, and we talked after almost 10-11 years! It sounds like a typical Bollywood movie in which childhood friends come across each other after ages, but it actually happened (in a modern way ?) and I can’t thank the internet gods enough for this!

Me, My BFF & Our Fun-Filled Tales!

We are still in different cities, but I’m waiting for that day when we will meet again and will reminisce our old days.. Though I’m not too sure if I’d still be able to play Kabbadi like before – argghhh I’m too fat now! ? But I’m happy that we are in touch again and I cannot explain my happiness in words because such emotions can only be felt, not explained! Am I right, people? ☺

I hope you guys liked knowing about my friendship story, and if you did, then you are definitely going to enjoy this new show on Zee TV called “Yaaron Ki Baraat“. It’s all about celebrity friendships and fun-filled conversations with them. The show is going to start from tomorrow (Saturday) 8 PM and looks like it’d be a good one to watch during the weekends.

I sure am excited about Yaaron Ki Baraat, what about you? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. This is so loooovely… the friendship you had, you and Pryia and her siblings and to go to the same school, to be invited to celebrations – that I thank you to tell us, cause I love to learn about Indian culture! – and that after 10-11 years you could contact her again… I hope that you meet soon! In the meantime, thank you so much for the show – I will definitely watch it, cause I love Bollywood! Hope you have a lovely day!

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