These Makeup Trends from Fashion Runway will make Heads Turn in 2021

If you followed the Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Week, you must know that it looked quite different this year. The new normal forced the brands to get creative while staging the show and the models’ makeup looks. While bare-faced models were on the trend this year, this did not stop the brands from going all out with smouldering eyes, bold lips, and glowing makeup. We got some dramatic-eye inspo from this year’s Fashion Week.

Makeup Trends from The Fashion Runway 2021

1. Smoldering Eye Looks

Makeup Trends from The Fashion Runway 2021
Makeup Trends from The Fashion Runway 2021

The mask routine gives an excellent reason to make your eyes stand out. Chanel created a hazed-out black smokey eye, and people went gaga over it. Those who are not a big fan of bold eyes can go for a classic winged liner with an easy eye look which is the quickest to do & can instantly make you feel put-together. Eyeshadows, for me, are the best makeup products available.

2. Coloured Mascara

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With all eyes on your eyes, there has to be a lot of drama around them. You can be as playful as you can with bright-coloured mascaras. Blue and purple have been trending on the ramp, and brands like L’Oreal have updated their mascara game, introducing new colours.

Where the formulation and volume is concerned, the sky should be the limit. Brands need to develop the best makeup products, concentrating not only on the fun colours, but also on how they can add drama by volumizing and lengthening the lashes.

If you want to go for a more subdued effect, makeup artists recommend one coat of coloured mascara, layered with black or brown strokes.

3. Stained lip colour

Makeup Trends from The Fashion Runway 2021
Makeup Trends from The Fashion Runway 2021

Hiding the bold lips behind the mask does not seem to do justice to your lipsticks. So, here comes the new fashion of lip stains. Lip and cheek stains have been around for quite some time now, but it has never been given as much importance before now. It is perfect for your Zoom calls and Instagram Lives.

There is a quick hack for turning your favourite long-wearing lipsticks into lip stains. Apply a coat of your favourite lipstick or stain, blot it with tissue paper, and apply the lipstick again. Repeat this a couple of times to get a bold colour that will not end up getting smeared all over your face after putting on a mask.

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4. Resurgence of the early 2000’s style

Makeup Trends from The Fashion Runway 2021
Makeup Trends from The Fashion Runway 2021

Do you remember your favourite stars putting on feathery brows and soft, brown lips? The key was to keep things original, fresh, and light. Your skin should look like yours, but better. It’s like going back to the age of subtlety.

To achieve natural but put-together brows, go with the light shade and draw strokes upward. Choose a thin brow pencil for precision so that the finish is realistic and the strokes can mimic your natural brow hairs.

Brown lips always need an edge to make them pop out. Choose a lip liner with a flesh tone to line your lips. Avoid mattes and go for moisturizing brown lipsticks to get a plump effect. Press your lips together to blur out the lip line and smoothen out the edges. Neutral brown shades cater to all kinds of skin tones.

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5. Fresh Skin

Makeup Trends from The Fashion Runway 2021
Makeup Trends from The Fashion Runway 2021

Clean, glowing skin is what is marketed by skincare brands, and this spring will witness that. You get to rock your real and genuine skin and get accustomed to being comfortable in your bare face. That will need you to have a stellar skincare routine.

A triple cleansing is what beauty gurus are swearing by. It involves starting with a gentle cleanser that will not harm your skin’s pH level. Keep massaging it in an upward direction without rinsing.

Go on with a facial scrub on top of it and massage, focusing on the places that usually have a lot of product build-up, like your forehead, nose, and chin. Do not rinse after any step—layer a detox mask on top of it, which will extract the impurities.

Let all the three products settle for five minutes and rinse them well with cold water. This leaves you with soft and hydrated skin.

Use a face mist to refresh your skin and add a hydrating facial oil to your skincare routine to seal the moisture. Remember that fats should be pressed onto your skin with fingers instead of rubbing to stimulate blood flow and absorption. Following this routine two times a week can give you the best skin of your life.

6. Details to Brows

Makeup Inspo from Fashion Runway 2021
Makeup Trends from The Fashion Runway 2021

A no-makeup makeup look paired with bleached brows to give an edge is trending this season. Gucci gave their model extravagant wavy brows on the runway. Brow soaps have become an absolute favourite as they tame the brow in the right ways giving a natural look to be worn daily. If you search for the best makeup kit online, it will include a brow product.

7. Technicolor Lids

Makeup Inspiration from The Fashion Runway 2021
Makeup Trends from The Fashion Runway 2021

Bold and bright eyelids are staples for spring or summer. Fashion week is all about creative eyes using all the colours right out of the rainbow to bring something unique to your eyelids. Creative makeups are highly appreciated, but more wearable makeup artists suggest painting colour block shapes on the eyes.

If even that is not your style, you can pick up coloured eyeliners to add fun elements. You can be as expressive as you want with this trend.

8. Glitz and Glamour

Makeup Ideas from The Fashion Runway 2021
Makeup Trends from The Fashion Runway 2021

MAC Cosmetics introduced their new products by creating a bold, silver cat eye on the model. We are also witnessing frequent use of stones and sparkles to add some glitz and glamour. Even the best makeup kit online sometimes does not provide glitter elements, so you must buy them separately.

Makeup trends are exciting to follow but don’t compromise with your style. You choose what comforts you and suits your personality. 2020 has been a hell of a ride, and we are all expecting changes in 2021. So, it’s time to gear up for the summers by adding many colourful elements to your makeup.

However, if you want to go for a no-makeup makeup look this season, here are the product recommendations from us!

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