Internationally Acclaimed Beauty Schools Of The World

The presence of so many college options and degrees can make it extremely hard for students to make a decision about the best university they can attend. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best universities to help students to make a right decision.

Internationally Acclaimed Beauty Schools Of The World

Marino schools of Beauty Los Angeles

The college has been operating since the year 1905 and serves international students with its better training and education programs in spa treatment and beauty.

The school is among the oldest and it is named after Giovanni Marinello, modern cosmetology founder. The school offers different courses and programs on spa treatment and beauty; and this enables students to select the beauty education based on their interests and preferences.

The institute also provides career assistance to every student, apart from education.

London School of Beauty & Make-Up

The school was established in 1995 and it offers world-class education on the beauty therapy and makeup. It offers more than 490 courses on beauty therapy and make up.

The college also conducts graduate alumni leaning, industry-led workshops development mentorship programs, masters classes, apart from learning. The school is one of the best for the students want to pursue their career in the rewarding, innovative, and vibrant world of beauty therapy and makeup artistry.

Elite International, School of Beauty and Spa Therapies

The school is a government funded in New Zealand, which offers quality-training programs on spa therapy training, beauty therapy.

The school is registered with NZQA and does specialize in providing better educational qualifications in adherence to New Zealand Qualifications Framework. The institute has an exceptional reputation and recognition across the world—because of its positive endeavor to offer sought after and quality graduate programs in spa therapy and beauty.

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Aveda Group of Institutes

Our World Is Beauty claims that Aveda Group of Institutes is simply a group of institutes found in different parts of the world, which includes Canada, United States, Korea, and Australia. Even though the group is operating as one entity, its sole focus is one—offering training and programs esthetics and cosmetology.

Also, the group is focused on the environmental dedication and awareness for providing numerous courses on the cosmetology. The group has different salons and spas around the world; therefore, it also helps students to experience various business aspects, beyond skin and hair care education.

Olympian University of Cosmetology

The university boasts of being a modern beauty institution that offers programs on career training on cosmetology, which entails using milady’s standard curriculum, the current industry leader in the education of modern beauty.

For many years, Olympian university has managed to honor more than one thousands cosmetology students with high-quality certificates.

In summary, many people find it difficult to locate an excellent school that will provide high-quality training in cosmetology. If you have a passion for a beauty career, you can choose from the mentioned list above to fulfill your dreams of making a living and helping other people look good.

The article has a clear guidance to get you started in your beauty career by suggesting a list of several ideal institutes that suits your aspirations and needs in cosmetology industry.


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