How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Jewelry to Make the D-Day Most Memorable?

The wedding day is nearing. Everything about the bride has to be beautiful. Right from her wedding gown till her bridesmaid, every aspect must match her expectations. With endless shopping happening around the clock, one might get confused as to how to choose the perfect accessory for the wedding day. From selecting the wedding ring, till choosing the right brooch to match the wedding outfit every jewelry worn on the big-day should be classy, extraordinary and multiply the beauty of her looks by a million times. Well, to help you out all the would-be-brides I am here with a few tips and chosen jewelry items that can turn into the perfect bridal jewelry. Go through these and know how to make everyone amazed with your exclusive bridal look:



Light in weight neckpieces

As a rule of thumb, always lock the wedding dress first and then check out the jewelry. This helps to color co-ordinate the stones (if one prefers studded ones) and also to match the shimmer and shine. Hence one can go for light weight jewels using the Bluestone coupons such as chokers, gold chain with simple attached pendants or engraved necklaces which are also impressive for the eyes of the beholder. Available in all weights and sizes such jewels are popular now a day and among my hot favorite ones.

Exquisite earrings

Earrings are a very important part of wedding jewelries. Choosing between traditional looking studs or trendy danglers is definitely a million dollar question. But with today’s trend that speaks style interlaced in ethnicity, there are number of indo-western options available for brides. Gold, solitaire, platinum or even white gold earrings look amazing with wedding costumes.

Match from head to toe

Being the bride you have to first choose between diamond and gold before planning your jewelry shopping. A mix of diamond and gold is never appreciated when it comes to wedding jewels. Choosing the neckpiece, earrings, bracelets and anklets in same design and pattern is a trend that is in vogue. This gives a uniform look to the bride. Today, bridal sets are available that makes choices simpler and easier. If you find it difficult to ensemble your jewelries I suggest you to go for these lovely sets to adorn yourself.

Couple jewelry

Heard about couple watches? These are exquisite designer watches for the man and the woman that make them dazzle together. In fact, matching couple jewelries that can be purchased using are quite in vogue these days and I feel those are just adorable. Just like watches, wedding jewelry is incomplete without the choice of matching wedding ring. Choosing to write each other’s name in the ring or choosing similar patterns etc. makes the bride and groom look so much in love.

The wedding brooch

Brooch is a simple jewel that can be worn both by men and women. When everything about the wedding is planned in advance, the groom and bride are color coordinated, jewels are matched etc. one can add a bit more happiness by designing exclusive wedding brooches for both the girl and the boy. When worn on the suit and the gown, this can be a statement piece of jewelry that will leave the guests speechless.

While bridal jewelry can significantly enhance your looks, do pay close attention to your bridal makeup as well and choose bridal jewelry that complements your makeup.

Wedding is a special occasion when a man and woman come to an agreement of lifetime togetherness. The memories remain etched in mind for years together in the form of video recordings or still photographs. In such circumstances both bride and groom have to look and smile the best. With appropriate jewelry in place, a bride looks much happier and content as well!


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