Unpopular Health Services That Every Woman Needs To Know About

When you mention Women’s Health Services, usually what comes to mind is everything related to giving birth, family planning the women’s reproductive health generally. In serious scenarios, it is usually about breast of uterine cancers. That’s kind of sad actually, because for every woman who spends her whole life taking care of everyone around her, she deserves to have someone to take care of her too.

There are other health care services that are only for women, but only a few of them are known. So for every superwoman out there who plays the role of a wife, a mom, a working woman, caregiver, chef, consultant and role model, every single day of the week, here are some health services that offered just for you.

Unpopular Health Services That Every Woman Needs To Know About

Unpopular Health Services That Every Woman Needs To Know About
Unpopular Health Services That Every Woman Needs To Know About

Aesthetic Services

There is a whole bunch of aesthetic services to take care of all the minor and major concerns and inconveniences you experience. Whether you want to modify the way you look, you can find many surgical and the-preventable, non-surgical procedures to help you feel more confident about yourself.

There are less commonly known aesthetic services in Bellevue and Issaquah, however, such as coolsculpting and ultherapy. Coolsculpting freezes your fat away, so that you can smoothly and easily have the body of your dreams you’ve always desired! And those wrinkles, age-lines and sags can be taken care of with non-surgical techniques using ultherapy.

Cancer Screening and Early Prevention

Taking care of your health starts way before you start feeling that there’s something wrong going on. Many women’s health services offer you the chance to screen for early detection of breast cancer and other awful types of cancers that are specific to women.

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Vaginal, Pelvic and Bladder Health

Thousands of women all over the globe experience issues with their vaginas, pelvis and bladder. It is such a sensitive subject that most are too embarrassed to talk, much less do anything, about it. Whether you’ve experienced vaginal dryness, uncontrolled bladder leakage, or pain in your pelvic floor, you don’t have to live with it. There are vaginal rejuvenation services to help you live the best life you can have, and enjoy your sexual and daily life to the optimum.

Birth Control and STI’s

Women need attentions for different forms of birth control, and there are many clinics that specialize in treating this issue exclusively. What these centers also do is give treatment for sexually transmitted infections that are specific to women. Having these kinds of centers available for women only encourages them to take care of themselves and get more frequent checkups.

Midlife and Menopause Health

We all know we’re going to go through this someday, you won’t the first, or the last, to hit menopause. You don’t have to go through it alone, however. You can seek the help of medical professionals to adapt through your menopause, you shouldn’t have to endure turning your life upside down feeling helpless.

Behavioral and Mental Health

More often than not, all of the stress catches up to us and we feel overwhelmed. It’s just too much. Yet we still feel embarrassed to talk about it, as there are a lot of stereotypes and shaming regarding mental instability or emotion overrides, especially if you’re a woman. Women are often treated with less care when it comes to expressing pain, anxiety, or any kind of emotional and physical distress, as it’s usually brushed off as “she’s just PMSing”. You shouldn’t let that make you bottle up whatever you’re going through. As they say, you deserve to have the love and care you keep giving everyone around you.

It’s Time To Take Care of Yourself, Too

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, isn’t just the absence of physical diseases. It’s the “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”. With every role you’re playing, in every single day of your life, you deserve to take the time out and give the same care to yourself. Not only so that you’d be able to keep on taking care of your beloved ones, but also so you can life the best of your life fully.


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