Here Is Why You Should Gift Yourself A Diamond

A woman embodies many roles in her lifetime. She is a loving daughter, a caring sister, a soulmate to her husband and a doting mother to her child, she carries out each of her roles with effortless grace and compassion.

While she might never give her contributions much thought, but it is never too late to give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself for being the epitome of love and selfless care and what better way to do it than with a diamond that shines as brilliant as you. This shine becomes a few notches brighter when you buy it for yourself as it shows your independence and self-sufficiency.





However, if you have not purchased a diamond before, buying one for the first time might be a little disorienting, but many online sites are customer friendly and make buying jewelry a much more pleasurable experience. You will find exquisite pieces of diamond rings, pendants, and bracelet on CaratLane. Modern contemporary and unique designs ensure an unparalleled selection as compared to the most walk in stores.

Apart from that proper authentication certificate with clarity details, attractive discounts and prompt delivery at your doorstep make purchasing diamonds online a great experience for the first-time buyers.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but they are also a good investment.

Diamonds are an exquisite jewelry option and buying them is always an experience one remembers for their entire lifetime. Some reasons why one must purchase this rare stone are:

1. Demand for diamonds is higher than its supply – Growing middle class especially in India – has reenergized the diamond market and created an interesting phenomenon. Diamond rings are becoming increasingly popular with the younger population, causing a spike in the demand for diamonds.

2. Diamonds are durable – It doesn’t break or wear off as it is the hardest substance on earth one does not have to worry about anything happening to it.

3. A wide range of diamond jewellery – Diamond Jewellery has a good market among the youth and e-retailers like have captured the young minds with their innovative and trendy designs. Most of the designs available here are delicate and can be easily matched with modern and traditional attire.

Here Is Why You Should Gift Yourself A Diamond
Photo Courtesy: this is a butterfly and a swan bracelet, has a delicate and modern design. This bracelet can be teamed up with both casual and office wear.

If making a statement is your style, a bold ring can subtly but surely convey elegance and class.

Here Is Why You Should Gift Yourself A Diamond
Photo courtesy The Empress ring can make a few heads turn.

4. Diamonds at a smashing price – On the Internet, diamond prices are usually 30% to 50% lower than those at offline stores. E-retailers can offer exceptional prices because they are more competitive than the jewellers who own a brick and mortar shop.

Some other reasons that make diamonds the choicest stone:

1. To Mark an important event: When there is a family celebration or any other special event, the gifted glittering diamond jewelry reflects both the joy and importance of the celebration. This could be the birth of a child, marked by the mother receiving diamond jewelry from the father, or a couple celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary, marking 60 years of marriage! Diamonds have always been the symbol of everlasting relationship whether it is with your spouse or the one that you have with yourself.

2. Feeling of accomplishment: Either in recognition of one’s own accomplishment or of someone else’s, diamond jewelry is a natural gifting choice, after overcoming challenges and achieving a significant goal. Being able to buy yourself a diamond, gives one a sense of having arrived.

There are many reasons why one could buy a diamond, but most of the times women need no reason. Diamonds have always been our best friends, after all.



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