Tips For Men Who Need A Style Overhaul


Are you still wearing clothes that your mom bought you? Have you never escaped the “total frat” look you cultivated in college? Did you make fashion mistakes when you were younger and when you look back on old photos–you cringe?

Maybe you’re just looking for something new, to look more appealing to potential dates or employers.  As much as we might want to deny it, what we look like, and what we wear have a real effect on how others view us.

If you feel like you need to refresh your style to maximize your chances of success, you might need some style suggestions. Personal style can be tricky–you want to fit in and conform to the minimum of social norms. This will communicate how well you read others, and how successfully you can operate to put others at ease.

But of course, you want to confirm without giving up your unique identity.  We all want our clothes and our appearance to tell a positive story about us. That we are successful and that we are desirable.  Here are some tips for men who need some help with their style:

Tips For Men Who Need A Style Overhaul

Find your Style Icon

Tips For Men Who Need A Style Overhaul
Tips For Men Who Need A Style Overhaul

Is there an actor who you think is always dressed to impress? Is there a musician, politician, or business leader whose style catches your eye? Taking a closer look at what they wear can be a good start.

If you’re having trouble deciding which style suits you best–let your own intuition guide you. When you feel good walking out the door in the morning, you’re guaranteed to have a better day.

Does one outfit get you a lot of compliments? Maybe it’s time to try and make that look more of your everyday style. Once you’ve got some ideas, try and make that look work for you.

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Carefully Consider the Basic Pieces

Tips For Men Who Need A Style Overhaul
Tips For Men Who Need A Style Overhaul

Do you lean more toward the jeans and hoodie look? Do you prefer the skinny pants and rolled up sleeves–a more urban street style look? Either way, you will need several basic pieces: tops and pants. If you must go shopping, try and get some clothes that will fit best with the look you are going for.

A basic pair of pants appropriate for work, solid-colored jeans, sweaters, and shirts will form the foundation of your look. Try to match what your style icon would wear, but keep in mind how you want to look for both casual and fancy occasions.

Much of what you decide may come down to your budget–try shopping online to see what the best deals can be for basics that you can wear over and over again.

Don’t Forget the Whole Package

Tips For Men Who Need A Style Overhaul
Tips For Men Who Need A Style Overhaul

Your style isn’t just about the basics–accessories are what really brings your outfit together. This will also turn one outfit into many. Hats can also be a great way to customize your look for a reasonable cost. If you want to go a little overboard while spending, consider a statement watch.

Then consider shoes–these can be your signature item.  While a basic outfit like pants and a shirt may not express your personal style, mixing it up with a variety of colorful and different footwear can add personality to your outfit.

Having a few pairs of classic shoes will also round out a more conservative look and communicate both your success and your trustworthiness. Worried about cost? Shop at smaller retail stores that offer a range of great styles at prices that will let you customize your look through your footwear.

Rethink Your Hair

Tips For Men Who Need A Style Overhaul
Tips For Men Who Need A Style Overhaul

One of the simplest and easiest ways to change your look is to change your hairstyle. Many men keep the same style year after year–out of habit, or fear of change. Don’t be afraid to take a risk on your hair–it will grow back in no time.

Go back to your style icons and look to see what they’ve done with their hair, and maybe what they’ve done over the years. It doesn’t hurt to take a trip to the barber shop and try and find a hairstyle that suits you. Your barber may have something in mind for you.

Make Your Style Your Own

Tips For Men Who Need A Style Overhaul
Tips For Men Who Need A Style Overhaul

If you’ve been worried about taking a fashion risk for some time, you’re best bet is to go for it and see what happens. If you want to find the best style that fits you–you’re going to have to experiment a little out of your comfort zone.

If you’re trying to dress up your outfit, go for a statement piece to make your outfit stand out. When dressing for a more low-key night–keep it more casual by dressing in jeans and your favorite shirt.


This isn’t as easy as it seems in the beginning–it takes time to see what works best for you. By trying new clothes and accessories you haven’t before, you’re likely to create a style of your own that works best in your everyday life.


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