Families Traveling In Fashion With Great Lifestyles

If you’re a big follower of fashion, then these two big names in the industry may already be familiar to you: The Royals and Kardashians. Today, let’s talk about how these celebrity families live their life and the amount of influence they have in the world of fashion.

Families Traveling In Fashion With Great Lifestyles

The Royals

Families Traveling In Fashion With Great Lifestyle
Families Traveling In Fashion With Great Lifestyles

When it comes to families that are traveling around the globe in fashion, one ruling family that would obviously make it to the top of the list is the royal family. Being born with royal blood streaming in your veins or being granted the chance of a lifetime to become a part of the most elegant and classy family in all of England is certainly an astounding privilege and honor.

After all, it’s something that only occurs on the rarest of occasions and with a thick stroke of luck – considering there is only one out of a thousand chances of a baby being born into the elite household or a commoner being able to tie the knot with a member of the bloodline. 

Being entitled to be one of the royals sure has its perks, but it also comes with some strings attached to it, one particular string would be in terms of wardrobe. As a denominated member of the British household, you’re compelled to oblige to a set of rules and regulations when it comes to clothing.

The rules consist of a combination of official fashion mandate that has been existing for past generations and the current queen’s personal taste. Since members of the household do have a literal queen that they need to please, it’s mandatory to conform to the set standard (read more). 

But despite the etiquette of clothing established, this doesn’t hinder the charming family of Prince William and Kate Middleton to become one of the most fashionable families on the planet. 

Families Traveling In Fashion With Great Lifestyle
Families Traveling In Fashion With Great Lifestyles

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with their two children Prince George and Princess Charlotte are often found in public wearing color-coordinated outfits. The royal family is known for striding the streets in their subtle matching attire everywhere they go. Photos captured of the Duke and Duchess undeniably shows the coherence of the entire household when it comes to their wardrobe’s striking designs and catchy bright colors, ranging from lavender to blue tones. 

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With the amount of attention they get from the public, we can say that Kate Middleton did a marvelous job when it comes to the decision of which would suit the whole family best. It is already known by the general public by now that when the royals are traveling abroad it is requisite for them to grant a token of tribute such as wearing a significant symbol, the nation’s color or a designer that would honor the country they’re visiting.

This protocol is also highly practiced by Prince William, Kate and their children when they’re overseas while still maintaining being fashionable and polished. You can check out more fashionable celebrity news in https://themeliorbuzz.com/.

The Kardashians

Families Traveling In Fashion With Great Lifestyle
Families Traveling In Fashion With Great Lifestyles

Not only are the Kardashians known for being involved in various drama in showbiz and for their luxurious lifestyle being featured in their popular TV series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the lavish family has also established a rather significant name in the fashion industry.

When it comes to families that are never found in public wearing just a simple pair of loungewear without any flair, one family that would obviously come into the scene is the fabulous Kardashians in their designer and posh styled clothing casually sashaying the streets. 

It comes little to no surprise that the Kardashian clan upholds the title in being one of the most fashionable families in Hollywood. Considering the amount of attention they get from the general public when it comes to their clothing, especially when the family is said to be making an appearance in fashion events, the mass has rather find the family’s taste in fashion striking and something to live by.

Fashion people are always keeping a keen eye out with what each member of the family comes up with. Since the Kardashians have been dominant in the fashion family dynasty for decades, people can simply tell the amount of influence this family has when it comes to the leading trends in fashion. 

The media always has an unwavering interest with the K sisters: Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney’s alongside their classic mother’s Kris Jenner voguish style. Kim and Kendall despite having varying taste when it comes to statement pieces are widely famous for setting unique trends in all their social media platforms.

While Kylie with her adorable daughter Stormi has set the media all the rage with their matching and aesthetically pleasing pieces tied together in one photo. This stylish bunch really did set the bar high when it comes to chic fashion. And you can count on that this family never goes out of style whether they’re traveling overseas or just casually going out.


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