All That You Need To Know About Engagement Rings

An engagement ring can be acquired in any number of ways, but the most common methods are likely:



  1. As a complete surprise – she had no inkling and he chose the ring by himself, or, at least, without her input at all
  2. As a semi-surprise – because he has asked all kinds of questions, like what kinds of gemstones she favours, what jewellery metal, and he was perhaps caught either taking a ring from her jewellery box or trying one on his pinky finger, in a desperate attempt to ascertain the ring size.
  3. As a not-very surprising event – because he’s already taken her “casually” into a jewellery store, walked around, and clearly gleaned what kind of ring she’s attracted to.
  4. As no surprise at all – because she may have actually gone out and purchased her own ring or, at least accompanied her guy to the jewellery store, had plenty (if not all) of the say in the choosing and saying.

For girls, it’s possible to get the ring you want without presenting your potential guy with the direct link from your favored jeweller’s website or “accidentally” sending him iPhone photos of what you think would be appropriate. If you feel that there is definitely a ring in your future, and you and your guy have the kind of relationship that will forsee the future, you wouldn’t be “out-of-bounds” if you give him an idea of your style preferences. One way to do this might be to actually visit a reputable jeweller who specializes in diamond engagement rings.

An engagement ring will typically consist of a gemstone (or gemstones) on a jewellery-quality metal (most often gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and more rarely, titanium and/or stainless steel). Don’t just drop into a department store and look at their small inventory, even if you’re just getting an idea of what’s available and what’s feasible for you.

Rather than going to a department store, look for a shop in which you can view plenty of styles and exclusively order designs in which you can see amazing brilliance across the whole gem. Since this is a ring that you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life (aside from your wedding ring), you need to make sure that you have a plethora of choices.

For guys, speaking of denoting the innate brilliance of the gemstone you choose (or you know that she will really love) one critical element you should know are the four (or possibly five) “Cs” are something both you and your fiancé should learn and understand. The “Cs” are more commonly referred to as:

a. Clarity
b. Cut
c. Colour
d. Carat
e. The final “C” is often referred to as “cost” (but this addition is rather not traditional)

While historical (and contemporary) rings of engaged celebrities are likely beyond the financial scope of those of us who are mere mortals, we all love looking at photographs and reading about the uniqueness and history of the rings exchanged by those to whom fame and fortune has smiled. Many brides rely on their jeweller’s website but also on sites like “The Knot,” which truly cover all things bridal and wedding related, A to Z. There’s a fun article on the site taking a look at the most iconic engagement rings, which include rings that have many carats (typical, “look at that sparkler!”) and those with much uniqueness, often custom-designed for the intended.

The less tangible – but no less equal – is consulting with an expert, broadening your understanding of how a ring is made, so when you propose to your beloved, the ring is truly a representative of your love, affection, respect and joy in and for her.