DIY – Easy Pastel French Manicure!

Hi readers! I did my nails today.  They didn’t come out perfect but I really liked the design, it is inspired by Yagala. Well, she is the queen of nail arts and no one can beat her! This one is really easy to do and doesn’t require any tools!





DIY – Easy Pastel French Manicure

Things you need for DIY – Easy Pastel French Manicure :-

French manicure guides or tape.

A piece of polythene

White nail paint and light coloured nail paints of your choice I have used pink orange and blue ones, they have matte finish.


First paint your nail tips white with the help of French manicure guides or tape and let it dry for few minutes. Get your coloured nail paints and apply them in dots, then dab a piece of polythene before the nailpaints dry. Tadaa! your Pastel French manicure is complete! it’s looks a little messy when you look closely but you can fix it with a top coat, I don’t have one yet.


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DIY - Easy Pastel French Manicure
DIY – Easy Pastel French Manicure


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