A Curvy Girl’s Prom Dress Guide

“Law & Order: SVU” star Ice-T and his volumptuous wife Coco Austin recently celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. The couple were lucky enough to have a photo taken right at the moment they met (it was at an event/party). While “Ice” says he was first taken “with her teeth” (perhaps they were particularly white and straight?), he noticed (most obviously) her other assets, of which she is best known: her bosom and her posterior. Coco, mother of a year-old-baby (Chanel), who is the star of her Instagram account (and it’s nearly three-million followers), is pretty much universally considered as stunning, drop-dead gorgeous and the definition of a blonde bombshell.

Coco knows her best features and often proudly displays them. She is an inspiration to curvy gals the world over. Embrace your curves, she seems to declare. And there’s no better place to show your best self off, than at your high school prom.



Firstly, you need to find a dress and the key is to start looking early. If you’re not only just curvy, but a full-figured or even plus-sized, your dress may be considered of a “speciality size.” The Prom Dress Shop has both a brick-and-mortar shop and an amazingly extensive online shop. You can check out their wide range of dresses for the very tiny gals all the way to the BBW (Big Beautiful Women) sizes at https://www.promdressshop.com/dresses/events/prom

A Curvy Girl’s Prom Dress Guide
A Curvy Girl’s Prom Dress Guide

These days, when a “plus-sized” model graced the iconic “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit edition, more and more designers are getting into this literal and figurative big market. Let’s face it – this is the United States of America and the average sized woman is not, as once believed, a Size 14, but a Size 16, as a September 2016 study by the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education revealed. It means, friends, that you are so not alone!

A Curvy Girl’s Prom Dress Guide
A Curvy Girl’s Prom Dress Guide

Best Styles For The Curvy Gal

• Pencil-Skirted Dress

This straight skirt portion of the dress should be well-fitted, but not so tighted in that it pulls at the fabric and is uncomfortable in anyway. Since you have to take smaller steps – in a cocktail or full-length gown — you’re going to be limited in how much you’ll be able to rock out at the prom.

• Trapeze or Swing Dress

These dresses are narrowest at the shoulders and widest at the bottom hem. These dresses are virtually waistless. This is a particularly flattering silhouette if you’re tall. The key to making the swing dress work is to be sure it fits well on your shoulders.

• Circle Dress

This is pretty much as it sounds, a dress, that when laid out flat, will be a complete circle, and be cinched at the waist. If you have a defined waist, this may be the look for you.

• Shift or Sheath Dress

If you are built with an hourglass figure (hips and chest pretty much same measurements), this is a great style dress for you. It should never be form fitting or tight anywhere – meaning, while a shift or sheath dress should not be “loose” (that would make it a duster or house dress), it should not cling at any part of your body.

• A-Line Dresses

An A-Line dress is shaped like – you guessed it – an “A” – it should fit (again, not skin-tight or cling in anyway) through the hips and then slightly flare to the hem. You can find plenty of one shoulder, A-line dresses created by the hottest designers on various retail websites.
More Sources

The popular magazine “Real Simple” takes a look at seven must-have items for the full-figured girl – these are relevant, not just for a special night like prom, but necessary for your daily wardrobe.

Believe us when we say that more people in the world look like you than the supermodels who grace magazine, catalogue and formal-dress wear ads. That said, it’s critical to look as good as you feel. Wikihow advises How to Look Beautiful if You Have a Fuller Figure, which has tips to apply to your prom look, and in your “regular” life.

Do you have more tips or ideas you want to share? Let us know in the comment section!


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