6 Steps to Creating an Intriguing Wedding Blog ALL Brides Will Want to Read

Your wedding day is one of the most important and significant moments in your life. Whether this will be your first time getting married or your fourth time, the fact remains that it’s a moment in your life that you will never forget. One great way to keep the memory of your wedding alive is to create a blog dedicated solely to weddings.

Popular TV shows like Bridezilla and Say Yes to the Dress try to make it seem like getting married is only a big deal for the brides but it’s just as important to the grooms too! They definitely have their own say-so with certain aspects of the wedding, but when it comes to creating a wedding blog, it’s probably safe to say that they won’t be dying to give their input.

What’s the Goal of Your Wedding Blog?

Create A Wedding Blog

So far, all you know is that you love everything about weddings. From the gorgeous dress, the jewelry, and the epic toasts from the best man and maid of honor, everything about weddings get your heart pumping! So with all that being said, what’s making you want to invest your time and energy into a wedding blog?

Are you a wedding planner? Or do you genuinely get joy out of helping soon-to-be brides plan the most important day of their life? Whichever reasoning you have, both are great reasons to start your wedding blog. Just remember that this is a wedding blog and everything on your website should embody love… incorporate stock photos of hand-holding or couples being affectionate towards each other.

So now, the next questions you should be asking yourself are how do you get started? What exactly are you going to write about? How is what you’re going to talk about going to get them to their big day to live happily ever after?

Well, let’s find out. Take a look at some of these ideas that you can put on your wedding blog that will certainly help you get your website off to a good start.

Wedding Planning Checklist: Lists, Lists, and More Lists!

Create A Wedding Blog

This might sound a little cliché but writing everything down really helps you keep all you planning organized. It’s almost as though from the moment you get engaged, wedding chaos begins! Trust and believe… without creating a wedding planning checklist, you will definitely become the bridezilla you always said you’d never be.

The whole point of a checklist is to give the bride some guidance in organizing her wedding planning. This list should include ALL aspects of her wedding that she can mark off from day one up until the moment she says “I do.” Here are a few things that should definitely be on a bride’s wedding checklist as soon as her engagement happens.

  • Set a Date
  • Compile Guest List
  • Select Wedding Party
  • Engagement Photos
  • Create a Wedding Website

Give Advice on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress: Say Yes to the Dress?

Create A Wedding Blog

When it comes to a bride’s wedding day, locking down the wedding dress is a huge accomplishment. But, finding the perfect wedding dress is not something that just happens in one visit to a dress shop. There are actually all kinds of factors that go into choosing the right wedding dress.

There are several different dress styles, a bride may want to lose weight for her wedding dress, alterations, and you have to consider the dress options for the non-traditional brides. On your wedding blog, you can have a category dedicated solely to dresses showcasing the modern, traditional, and non-traditional style of wedding dresses. You can also add a fitness section that focuses on different workouts and recipes you can do to get your ready for your big day.

Share Ideas for Hair and Makeup: From Trendy to Traditional and Non-Traditional

Create A Wedding Blog

Once the bride has her wedding dress picked out, she’ll soon want to start scoping out talent to do her hair and makeup… and for her wedding day, her hair and makeup will need to be flawless. For your blog, you can post photos of different hairstyles for long/short hair, curly hair, up-dos, and styles for wearing their hair down.

As far as makeup is concerned, you can showcase different makeup products and even give reviews on what you think about them. It can be anything as small as the best mascara in your opinion that will elongate the lashes or the longest lasting lipstick that will hold it’s color all day without smudging. These aspects may sound simple but they really are helpful to brides-to-be… it saves them the hassle of doing the research themselves.

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Give Your Advice on the Vow Front: Help the Brides Put It Into Words

Create A Wedding Blog

When it comes to wedding vows, a lot of couples are torn between whether or not they should write their own. On one hand, a couple writing their own vows creates a unique wedding moment and lets the attendees in on a very personal and special moment of how the newlyweds feel about each other.

Now, on the other hand, the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission suggests that a couple stating their own vows somewhat takes away from the true meaning of marriage from a biblical stance. But, that decision is totally up to the bride. If you don’t necessarily believe that, then feel free to give pointers on writing vows.

What a lot of couples face on this subject is finding the words to say. The couple knows they love each other but have a hard time finding the words to truly express what they’re feeling. This is where you’re helpful vow tips will come into play. For your blog, you can even have a stockpile of vows ready to sell! All you would need to do is alter the name.

Don’t Leave Out the Fellas 

Create A Wedding Blog

Your blog is about weddings so it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t include a small section about how you can help the men out too! You can offer tips on tuxedo shopping, how to plan the ultimate bachelor party and gifts for the groomsmen. It doesn’t have to be a huge section for the guys but you never know who might be looking at your blog so you want to have a little something for everybody!

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